Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jobs jobs and no jobs


The beavers are about done with their winter hiatus and should be back shortly.

Scanning the jobs outlook is never the most pleasant thing especially with the sequester (make that read jobs cuts). It wouldn't be bad if the same jobs didn't appear day after day month after month. The choices are simple. A job that would require starting over but the drawback would be another four year degree and starting at the bottom. No time left for that now. Or a job not requiring extensive qualifications but with not enough pay to cover the gas to get there. The third is totally perplexing. Wanted: someone with 30 years experience who's 20 years old. Lastly we have the job that requires no experience but is temporary, part time, requires on call working any shift monday through friday and weekends with a minimum wage starting salary, own car and tools required, no benefits.

And what do we have now? People who are working are expected to do the work of three people. And the scammers have crawled out from under the woodwork. Never sign up for a job search company. Your inbox will be filled with work at home scams promising millions.  And of course there's this Nigerian princess who said she'd lavish me in wealth if I only send her a small $10,000 dowery. Someone also mentioned there's money to be made as a White House tour guide but I'd have to hurry and send in all personal information for the security check. 

So what's left in scraping the barrel of employment possibilities? Male stripper? Nope, the six pack abs are down to a two litre bottle and all the strip clubs have been run out of town. Newspaper delivery? As if anybody reads a paper anymore. Last one I got was a give a way at the market and not worth the paper it was printed on. Nursing assistant? Doesn't pay enough to cover the gas to get there and soon I might be needing one myself. So here we sit watching our roads go to hell our schools slowly crumble and what's left of the jobs get bounced from Mexico to China then to who know where. All the while our congress argues over who's next to get stabbed in the back. Happy days sure aren't here again.     


BBC said...

You sure as hell can't make sense of things by looking at the news.

Stocks are up.
Stocks are down.
Employment rose.
Employment fell.
Retail sales rose.
Retail sales fell.

Ah fuck it, and the fucking rain.

BBC said...

The radio just said that unemployment jumped up to 11.1 percent here. On the bright side maybe some of these monkeys will move somewhere else.

Randal Graves said...

There's always housekeeper for the rich, 2 bucks/hour plus, chortle, tipe.

Demeur said...

Where would they move to Billy?

I would Randal but I have no use for a Queen Ann chair and they keep the silverware locked up.

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