Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liar Liar Hypocrite

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It's hard to dig through the lies and deceptions of late. The boy who cried wolf has nothing on our news media. Iraq 'celebrates' it's 10 year anniversary. Now there was the grandaddy of all lies. No WMDs. No Saddam climbing in bed with Bin Ladin. Over 4000 U.S. troops and 100,000 Iraqis dead and a price tag of over 2 trillion dollars (all things there are true except truth is the first casualty of war).

 Then there's the "stupid" party telling us that it's our fault that the country is in such a mess from something we did not do. Like the fat lady who's dress bulges at the seams they think another dress would suit them better to get invited to the White House ball. Not enough lip stick in the world to fix that pig. They say they're for women's issues all the while taking away more of their rights. As I've always said judge someone by their actions and not their words.

Rand Paul comes out as the sweetheart of the CPAC gathering. If he's their boy in 2016 then they have a lot of work to do. This is the libertarian who much like Rick Perry of Texas would like nothing better than to eliminate much of government conveniently forgetting that we actually need oversight in things like the operation of our airports and nuclear plants. He'd also delight to a return to the pre 1960s days of 'whites only' signs over his business. But the biggest lies are when the news is flipped on it's head as with Fox News or Faux Noise whichever you prefer. Rand Paul supports illegal aliens (the tea bag crowd isn't going to like that one) Must have secure borders touts Rand. (And how does that work with border patrol when you want to slash government, hum?)

Cypriot parliament rebels against a european hand out. (Those ungrateful scamps, how dare they not want to drain their bank accounts and give it to people who don't need it?) Arms depot explosion (that'll teach them to use cheap American made mortar shells, next time use cheap Chinese made shells. Much cheaper and reliable too.)

Hypocrite Obama urges Palestine to return to the peace table.
(All the while using drones on Pakistan. Ah but that's different. And let's not talk about what they'd like to do to Iran.)

India passes sweeping bill on crimes against women. (We have a half dozen mass shootings and can't pass gun legislation.)

UK passes draconian cuts to social programs. (While giving its' legislative body a pay raise.)

Eurozone economic downturn (No shite Sherlock. That's what happens when you cut spending and there's no jobs left to support your Ponzi scheme.)

XL pipeline study exposed as a hoax A supposed State Department study was actually done by oil industry. The study was done by a company hired by TransCanada who is going to build the pipeline. ERM insists that it has no ties to the Canadian contractor yet all of it's sources for the impact came from other companies in the industry. TransCanada is in partnership with the Koch brothers and you know they have no regard for the planet. (They wouldn't lie to us now would they?)

Pope supported civil unions as a cardinal (And his boss didn't excommunicate him then? Might want to check his hard drive for provocative alter boy pics while you're at it too.)


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Ergo, alcohol.

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Somebody git .......some rope.

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