Monday, March 18, 2013

Look at those legs


U.S. news sources are slowly becoming irrelevant. They wonder why so many are turning to the web for their daily news fix and never once stopped to consider they have become trivial relics, no make that dinosaurs of an evolution morphed into trite infotainment. (Side note: even my idiot spell check knew that last word)

While the "Lame" stream media would have us focus on the latest starlets' night out of debauchery other far more important events are happening around the world that just might effect the price of tea in china.

All the while we, the underlings, are spoon fed the drivel of NASCAR crashes and peek a boo shots of Hollywood  nether regions as things that actually affect our lives are happening in real time on a global scale.

Cypress government had just agreed to do something unthinkable. Faced with inevitable bankruptcy it agreed to scalp all bank accounts by almost 10% in order to pay a debt not made by it's customers. Imagine if they did something like that over here. With so many living pay check to pay check the sheer volume of rubber checks would surely be enough to start a condom factory with enough for a world supply and then some. But no, our government is far sneakier than that. They continue to boil the frog as the expression goes by slipping cuts to bills that have nothing to do with the budget. You will note (if you were paying attention) that George W. neatly slipped by us no less than a dozen tax breaks for corporations most of which were under the guise of national security. Ever bill passed his second term had little goodies squarely directed at his "base" the uber  wealthy.

So where does one go for a daily fix of reality and real news that might actually mean something in our meager existence? Best method is to turn to foreign sources that have few ties to corporate controlled media. However I see even they are slowly being tainted with the money being thrown around. If you can get past the rhetoric of some foreign ideologies you just might find out what's really happening or did happen. But judging by what is happening on a world scale it takes no Sherlock Holmes to figure out that there's a class warfare going on and it's not looking any prettier as the days go by. At every turn we were promised greater stability and jobs if only the next bill was passed and it hasn't happened yet. And so the cavalcade of crisis continues and we see the water in the pot get warmer and warmer as it gets closer to boiling. Frog legs anyone?  

As for news try the Guardian  or Headline Grabber they at least cover what isn't being covered here.


BBC said...

We don't have frogs over here, and not many rabbits anymore, or grouse, still a fair number of deer though.

BBC said...


Randal Graves said...

Just remember that while all the little people will in time resort to cannibalism, so eventually will the rich and the age of the flying squirrel can finally begin.

Demeur said...

Only if the squirrels are fast enough. Hum what wine goes with grey squirrel?

I'd bet there is frogs over there you just don't hear them much.

BBC said...

No, there are no frogs here, they are not native to this area and have not been imported here, at least not and took hold. No turtles either, got some toads though.

And the squirrels here are not all that big so not much use for a meal, unless you are really hungry.