Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday beaver the thieving kind


            Beavers are back it must be close to spring

 I'm not the conspiracy theory type but in looking at what's gone on in the past and what is happening today one tends to put two and two together and things start to add up. Take our entire banking system. There was a time when the government actually had control of our banking system. Our money was backed by gold and silver at a set price of $35 an ounce of gold. That kept prices stable and our monetary system flowing for quite a few years. The "federal reserve" is not a part of the government even though it sounds governmental. It's all private bankers who make up the system and they have one and only one objective. It seems they'd like nothing more than to suck the life blood out of the world's economy and for what? Another bump in their bottom line or perhaps another house in the Caymans that is if they can remember where the left the other half dozen.

Now digging through history we find some other interesting facts. After WWI Germany was required to pay back all of the debts from all the nations that participated even though it didn't start the war. The effort was disastrous.  With no other choice but to print more and more money to pay back the debt it took a wheel barrow to buy a loaf of bread. Hitler did one thing right by pulling out of the world monetary system and bringing it under government control just as we had done with our gold standard. Germany flourished after that. The world banks prior to that had backed Germany and were basically sucking her dry.

Fast forward to 1963. Five months before JFK was assassinated he signed into law an executive order removing us from the federal reserve system. Instead of dollars new notes were printed under the control of the federal government effectively cutting out the banks. Upon his death these notes were destroyed never to see the light of day.

A quick jump again to Nixon. France had a massive amount of U.S. currency and it decided to cash that in for gold. The only problem was that the U.S. didn't have enough gold to cover the currency (you will note that Nixon put a wage and price freeze under the guise of fighting inflation) so his next trick was to immediately remove us from the gold standard. The Saudis at that time were swimming in not only oil but our dollars as it was the world's reserve currency. They wanted to loan us money but fearing it having no backing wanted something as collateral. Nixon set about to form the EPA which unknown to many put much of our federal lands in a trust to be used as their collateral.

Fast forward once more and we find that most of the saber rattling and the fall of dictators was not because they had WMDs or for the spread of democracy but because these dictators were about to shift from the greenback to their own monetary systems. Saddam Hussein was about to shift to the euro. Mommmar Kadoffe was about to start his own gold backed currency. Even Hugo Chavez had returned the private oil companies to public ownership. So there may be real questions about his death.

So keep your eyes open for any country wishing to get out of this monopoly game played by the world bankers it will tell you who we bomb next. Iran is high on the list as they would like to leave the game and not because they are a physical threat to anyone on our shores.

I believe it was Rothchild who said "Let me control the money supply and I could care less what governments do".

Bank fails later
UPDATE: No bank fails this week


BBC said...

Damn, it is Friday.

I've told Billy P a dozen times that we're (the rich and greedy fucks here) are taking them down with us so he may as well just accept that and figure out to hang on the best he can. He's had a good life, he can't complain.

BBC said...

Mind you, I'm not one of the rich and greedy fucks so don't take my first comment out of context.

Demeur said...

Of course he's done okay he's a bean counter. Always need bean counters to tally up the dead after the storm has hit.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Five months before JFK was assassinated he signed into law an executive order removing us from the federal reserve system."

You should read this article.

The executive order Kennedy signed simply delegated to the Treasury secretary authority the president had regarding issuance of currency. Kennedy wanted to replace silver certificates with Federal Reserve notes. He wanted that because rising silver prices were making issuance of silver dollars excessively expensive for taxpayers.

Note that Kennedy wasn't trying to end the Fed. If he wanted to do that, issuing new currency as Federal Reserve notes would have been the last thing he would've done. Also, there is no reason to believe the Federal Reserve notes he delegated issuance of to the Treasury secretary were never issued or circulated. As surely as silver certificates were taken out of circulation, those Federal Reserve notes were issued to take their place.

Demeur said...

SW now that makes me wonder who would have benefited and who would have lost because of the transition. We know silver coins were dumped around 1965 when they came out with the sandwich metal coin. I hear pennies are next so our money will have no intrinsic value other than what we're told it's worth. A speculators wet dream.