Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who cut the cheese?

I don't know what this photo has to do with anything but I liked it. Make up your own caption. Maybe the next senator from your state?

UN sanctions for North Korea
Un to discuss new sanctions on North Korea.
(What's left to hold back?)

Snow warning 9 inches possible
(Looks like the midwest got all of our winter or will we get snow in July? Paybacks are hell you know.)

New TV show called "Revenge"
(What ever happened to the altruistic shows like the "Avengers"?)

The Dow blew past it's historic high today
(Watch out, what goes up must come down and there's no real reason it should be this high. Expect a major crash as austerity comes to our shores.)

Apple working on an iWatch
(I just want something that tells the time and not a smart ass that talks back.)

Congress deals with our economic situation.  Not!
(Only votes the last two weeks were to not close tax loopholes. Oh but they did add another U.S. district court judge in NY.)


S.W. Anderson said...

Let's see, we've been putting more sanctions on North Korea for how many decades now? At some point, someone in D.C. or at the U.N. is going to stand up and ask, "Hey, guys, if sanctions haven't done any good in all this time, what makes you think they're going to make a difference now?" When that happens, I want to shake that person's hand.

Maybe a better approach would be to send Dennis Rodman there permanently, since he and the Kim in charge are such good buddies.

I'm with you on the Dow being a bubble. Market manipulators are doing their thing.

BBC said...

Well, Chavez kicked the bucket, not sure what spin that will put on the big picture, and I guess I don't really give a shit.

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, here's a tidbit for your next gloom-and-doom roundup.

HTH :)

Anonymous said...

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Randal Graves said...

Now we'll never get that Chavez/Gha-Kha-Qad-dafi/y tour.