Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday beaver whisperer

Pssst! Get atta here!

Should be a nice day here so I'll forgo the car bombings, rapes, shootings, kidnappings, oil spills, political insults, landslides, car crashes, celebrity dress malfunctions, next deadly viral pandemics, economic collapses and rude comments from the peanut gallery for just one day. So go out and enjoy the momentary warm weather whilst we have it. Just don't forget the sun screen because after all we all know how easily we burn here.

Bank fails later if there are any.
UPDATE: No fails this week so carry on.

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BBC said...

It was pretty nice here once the fog burned off, I put new rear brakes on the truck, nice to do that without being cold or rained on.

Anonymous said...
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Demeur said...

Sorry mate this isn't the place to peddle your purses. Take it elsewhere.

The Blog Fodder said...

Raining here. Still waiting for two consecutive days of sunshine.
Criminals still in charge; holes in roads getting worse. Situation normal.