Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday beaver is busy busy busy


News you can't use

Don't forget to check under you seat when riding a bus in Mexico you just might find a stoners stash or so Yanira Maldondo found out when police thought it was hers.

More tornadoes in the midwest. Nothing like adding insult to injury. Most of these happened east of the last big one that hit last week. Maybe they should build their houses underground from now on. Just saying.

Russia will not send missiles to Syria for months. Here's the way that will work. They'll build new missiles for themselves and sell the old stuff to the Syrians. That's how they roll. They did that in Libya selling Gadafy stuff they had left over from Afghanistan that would barely work. Wonder if they have any spare Scuds laying around.

Yep the world has gone mad. Another article states that Russia will sell Syria new fighter jets. Let me guess Assad will have to take out loans to pay for those jets so the people will effectively be buying their own death and passing it on to their children. That is if the kids manage to survive.

Some kid wins the National Spelling Bee. Hey kid you never heard of spell check? And who the hell uses a word like knaidel unless your at a Brooklyn deli.

China says it's looking forward to cyber talks with U.S. Just send us an email or better yet text us. They know how to tweet right?

Consumers feel pinch as income flat, spending off. Hey that's not what they just reported yesterday? Yesterday was all hearts and roses. What happened? Oh that's right everybody bought hedges late last night so now it's Armageddon. Those scum bag investment bankers. Speaking of which:

Bank fails later:
UPDARE: One bank failed this week in WI.


BBC said...

That's a nice beaver shot..

A friend of mine when I was a teen lived in a sort of underground house. His dad built what amounted to a basement but the top of the walls were about three feet above ground so they could have some windows.

It was cool in the summer and easy to heat and warm in the winter.

Roger Owen Green said...

Hey, I LIKE the Spelling Bee! I think spellcheck makes us more stupid. (Not that I don't use it...)

Tom Harper said...

I agree spell check makes us stupid. I was always a really good speller. Now, whenever I'm typing and that annoying red line appears under a word, I just right click on the word and then click on the correct spelling that appears.

It's like when the computers are down at a supermarket, and the cashiers are completely dumbfounded and helpless, because they have to add and subtract on their own instead of letting the computer calculate it automatically.

Demeur said...

Might be a good home building idea for Oklahoma these days billy.

My only problem is that my spell check seems like it's dumber than a fifth grader.

Ah but Tom don't you just love to watch them squirm when that happens? Especially knowing that you can still do it.