Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quantitative easing (right into our graves)


Now there's a BS term. It simply means that money is created out of thin air and pumped into the economy or more accurately put into bank coffers. It doesn't create jobs. They could cut the costs of borrowing to zero and it won't make for people racing to a bank to take out a loan they don't need. The boys on capital hill have been no help either with their sequester scam. Here's a better idea give them two months to come up with a budget (and a realistic one not like the baloney ones they have been passing) or they have to take a gun they so cherish and shoot themselves in the head. That would make for some interesting eleventh hour negotiations. I'd love to see that Mexican stand off.

Realistically they have just about ruined two generations in just ten years. By pumping more money into the banks will result in inflation. We're already seeing that in many of our goods and services along with increases in local taxes from lack of revenue. Student loan interest is set to double for those who can still afford to stay in school. Schools have increased tuition by as much as 30% to cover their cut backs in funding. Seniors will soon be hit with a cut to their pensions as earning from portfolios drop (tied to interest rates). And that's aside from the cuts coming from the sequester. Good luck finding a doctor who'll take Medicare.

The right wing continues its' drum beat for yet another war egging Obama to go into Syria, but let's face it their real goal is Iran. They of course will never admit how they'd pay for such excursions unless it's stealing from the baby's piggy bank because there isn't much left to rob. 

So be prepared for a hot summer. If you think the Seattle May Day altercation was violent just wait till the house of cards comes crashing down. It shouldn't be long now with the stock market at astronomical levels and no real reason it should be there. Let us not forget another debt limit fight coming along with european debts that can't be paid. Yep a financial lock up is set to happen. It's just a matter of time.  


BBC said...

It sure is shaping up to be a nice summer, supposed to be pretty nice here today, I'll be outside a lot.

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Demeur said...

Okay I'll leave the Anon comment up just to make my point. Is that "cream of golden retriever"? Sounds pretty sick to me. Much prefer "cream of kitty".

Tom Harper said...

Cream of Kitty, mmm. When the house of cards collapses, and there are a lot of stray cats around...

S.W. Anderson said...

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billy pilgrim said...

i've been long for the whole recovery. s&p p/e ratios are about average right now and price/book is quite low so the solid corps have been growing their balance sheets to match the rising levels of market cap.

and the multinationals just keep playing one mismanaged country against another for tax concessions and favorable labor laws.

Randal Graves said...

SWA's workin' for the CIA!

S.W. Anderson said...

Billy Pilgrim's workin for Goldman Sachs. :)