Monday, May 20, 2013

News you can't use and could probably care less about

(You realize Shakespeare's classics are now dead because of this technology)

So some Floridian played and won the mega ultra super power Lottery. 
Let me guess they're 87 years old living in a paid off condo near the beach and and no more need the money than a Wall Street banker. Isn't that how it usually works?

Obama urged to make economy bigger topic. 
Well not if the opposition has their way and so far it looks like the R.P. has gotten everything they wanted. They've called him every name in the book except the use of the "N" word and you just know they want to. And as for the economy they've all done just about everything except do the correct things to fix it. Cutting taxes to the bone won't get you there fellows. It only makes your bank accounts larger. And you're killing people in the process   So knock it off.

North Korea launches yet another missile into the ocean. 
As long as they're shooting blanks then who cares? Maybe we could get them to launch a bunch around July 4th and enjoy a free show.

MTA train crash investigation. 
Not too hard to figure out the possibilities there. A bad signal, a broken track, a system error or somebody didn't see a signal. 

Windows 8
From what I'm hearing folks are switching back to older versions after dealing with the pitfalls of the new operating system. Get a clue guys. If something isn't broken don't try and fix it. It never works out well. I recall the drum rolls for version 95 and when they went to boot the thing up it crashed. That should have told you something right there. Maybe we should start calling it Windows Hate.  

Three things keeping oil above $90 a barrel
No there's two things keeping it there and that's greed and speculation. All done with a click of a mouse or in most cases automatically via trading programs. You know that's a scary thing these automated systems. We now have cars that drive themselves. Planes that fly themselves and of course the oldest example the elevator. Push a button and the machine complete with an array of computers does the rest that is until there's a glitch. Then the outcome is usually worse than if a human had been in charge.

All is right with the world the bras are back on the ceiling at the Holler House Tavern in Milwaukee.
Deemed a fire hazard by the local city inspector the bras were taken down. The bars owner 87 year old Marcy Skowronski contacted her city alderman who in turn contacted the media. The city overturned the ban and Marcy can now rehang the bras that hundreds of women left there over the years. How did this all happen you might wonder. According to Skowronski "we all got bombed, all these girls. And just decided to take off our bras and hang them up one night in the 1960s"  And that's when the tradition started.


Anonymous said...

Cutting taxes to the bone kills people? Great, more room for the rest of us.

Helen keeps taking all the food I put in our shared fridge.
Time to work on the fifth wheel.


S.W. Anderson said...

You couldn't be more right about oil prices. I keep hoping someone in our government will get busy and stick it to the speculators, but I hope in vain.

The Holler Bar sounds like a fun place. I just hope the owner takes those bras down and washes them from time to time. :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Demeur and S.W. Anderson,

You are forgetting, perhaps purposefully, the most important component of the simple "Supply and Demand Curve" for petroleum - ever-increasing consumption AND the necessity to keep the price above $80 to render the extraction of oil from the various Tar Sands economical.

Quit fucking bitching, you Western Caucasoid cunts don't know how good you have it!

BBC said...

Paid $4.10 a gallon for gas yesterday. Oh well, pretty hard to get around without it.

BBC said...


Randal Graves said...

I hope s/he/it leaves all the money to his/her/its cats.

S.W. Anderson said...

ALTF, I see no use in discussing this with someone who's so obviously clueless they don't know the difference between supply/demand dynamics and the market manipulation of speculators. Or, maybe you have a reading comprehension problem. Whatever your problem is, you'd do well to work on it before making asinine comments.

Anonymous said...

Dearest S. W. Anderson,

My word salads are not "asinine", they are, instead, "fucking asinine".
Please to get it right?
Have you a reading comprehension problem?
You'd do well to refrain from discussing anything with yours truly.
You are of the '99%' - a noble institution. Conversely, I am of the 1% - an ignoble institution.


You premised your "discussion" above with the statement that there is "no use in discussing this with (me)" - why did you then?

Anonymous said...

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