Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday beavers are sleeping

Not much going on of late. The circus in washington continues like a grade school class with the teacher gone. Good thing they don't have ink wells and pigtails. What better things do they have to do when nobody did their homework and the teacher forgot the lesson plan? And while our house slowly sinks into the quagmire of complacency the peonage™ is feed once again a steady diet of sex scandals and violence. And what better distraction than sex and violence simulcast through the star spangled flag waving military trial of nair-do-wells. Only I doubt this will be televised for your viewing pleasure.

A great love is to read the local police reports just to keep tabs on things. Aside from the usual fender benders there is a rise in suspicious (no follow up words). Be it a car, van or darkly clad fellow just walking the neighborhood Mrs Kravits won't hesitate to call 911 and as always by the time the cops show up nothing is to be found. Have we gotten that paranoid? Have we become so insulated because after all it's not our business to poke into other people's business? Was a time when you could ramble off the names of just about all your neighbors on the block and some on the next. Then there's rush hour traffic. Why do they call it rush hour when nobody's moving? (we'll leave that for another post) If only we could meet the other folks in the cars around us without the use of text messages or phone to ear we could warn others that the guy in the red suv just got fired and we better stay out of his way, he might do something stupid. But no we go about our days in an ever shrinking universe resigned to our own mental amusements. Read a book? Watch a show or surf the web and it's no different. Okay I know what you're thinking. Get out. Go fishing. Go rafting. Go hiking. See a show. Go dancing. All very well for those with income but not here. So that just leaves going for a walk if it isn't raining and the holes in the shoes aren't too big. But then again there's Mrs. Kravits ready to call the cops.

Bank fails later.
UPDATE: One bank failed this week in AZ.


BBC said...

It doesn't take much of an income to go camping and boating, not here anyway.

Rick's son is a mall cop at the north gate mall, they swiped his car and fucked it all up. Glad I don't live in the Seattle area, all we have here is a guy that goes nuts and moves neighbors home with his skidder.

Demeur said...

Seeing as how I don't go to the mall anymore, no worries there. Should be easy to dodge a skidder.

Now let's see how many chinese bots show up in comments. I collect them you know.

Demeur said...

Last time I was at the mall half the stores were vacant.

Anonymous said...

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Randal Graves said...

Your mall should be doing what our mall did, change the name. Sure, a third of the storefronts are empty, but hey, shiny new moniker, possibly with glitter.

Gotta catch 'em all!

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