Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You can't keep lying to me because I ain't buyin your lies no more

Sounds like the latest country hit right?

Media (make that lame stream media) picks up the latest right wing talking points who get theirs from Fox news who in turn has nothing better to do than to distort facts and make up the latest and greatest conspiracies that might make Alex Jones blush. Don't know the Jones guy? Don't waste your time looking you'd get more truth out of Mad Magazine or the Onion.

The lies along with just a tad of truth are ground up well chewed and regurgitated again and again until the sheeple are sick of hearing it. Then when this chewing gum has lost its' flavor they'll pluck it off the bedpost next week and give it one last go round. "Spin it to win it" must be the order of the day plastered across news room walls. And why not? It's how by dividing any group the battles are fought and won.

Take any issue and it can be neatly packaged and spun into the latest and greatest weapon all ready to be spoon fed to people either too stupid or too lazy to research the facts. And they actually get well paid for this.

Benghazi, the IRS even a school shooting soon becomes a political tool used against those less informed and ignorant enough to believe the lies. Lie to me once shame on you. Lie to me twice shame on me. Cause after all if you keep telling the lies long enough somebody might start believing you. Sorry for quoting the likes of George Bush but we all know he got it bass ackwards. Benghazi was initially just as it happened for those who paid attention but I forgot the rampant ADD in this country. The IRS goes after any suspicious newly founded organization right or left. And sorry but armed guards don't belong in schools, that's what prisons are for.

Slowly ever so slowly there is a new media in the construct. It's technology isn't quite there yet but it's basic principles are well established. We shall see how this pans out as time passes. One thing is certain it's not going away any time soon. People thirst for the truth which is why main stream media is a dying corporate backed dinosaur. Package it anyway you like manure is still manure and we aren't buying it.

And now for a special public service announcement:

Right wing troll alert


BBC said...

Words can twist things around a lot, I find it amusing that if they call it a "black powder substitute" that it's not on the Feds list of explosives to regulate.

Funny, yes??

S.W. Anderson said...

What you say is true, Demeur. And yet, people have a responsibility to use discretion in whose "news" and commentary they accept, seeking truth and not just spin and feel-good bashing of those whose politics they disagree with. A big and growing problem in this country over the past 30 years is that increasing numbers of Americans can't handle and don't want the truth. They want the feel-good bashing of the other side. You show them facts, talk logic to them, and they reject it out of hand.

Mainstream media outlets are businesses that depend on advertising. They have to lure eyeballs or advertisers won't pay them. If facts and logic don't sell, they're between a rock and a hard place.

At the core of our problem is the fact too many Americans want lies and distortions instead of the truth. Too many Americans believe right down to their toenails that because this is a free country where everyone has a right to their own opinion, that their own opinion is every bit as valid and good as anyone else's facts.

I don't see how a democracy survives, much less thrives, if too many people turn away from facts, logic and truth.

Tom Harper said...

I haven't thought of that Lonnie Donnegan song in decades, and now I can't get it out of my head. Thanks for the earworm :)

Randal Graves said...

You forgot the part about a pickup truck and a lost dog.

BBC said...

I like this version...

Forty shots rang out that day/forty people fell/(insert your name) & the killer missed each other but they shot that boat to hell!

Demeur said...

Black powder substitute eh? Hum can I use that when baking my next cake?

S.W. the problem is that nobody seems to want to face up to the facts.

I'd have thrown in a mother-in-law or two but they died in the last song.

Let me guess the boat lobby showed up the next day.

The Blog Fodder said...

SW tells it like it is. Question: how did the people get that way, SW, and why?