Sunday, May 12, 2013

The pen is mightier than the sword

A cheap saturday night special may be able to take out a thug or two with five or six rounds ( After all who's that good of a shot these days?). Even a tank can only do so much damage. But with a pen monkeys in congress can pass legislation that can bring down entire countries, imagine that. With just a few pen strokes entire lives can be shattered. Extensive damage too, with food being snatched from babies mouths, grandma seeing her daily meal ended and people refused medical care all because some guys on the other side of the country wrote on a piece of paper. So not only can you maim and injure with a pen you can kill too. Cut off those cancer treatments and see how long the patient survives. All done with but a stroke of a pen. Thing you'd have better luck outside the club on a Saturday night of avoiding gunfire than what our congress is doing to us with a lowly pen.

You didn't expect to send your kids to college when with a stroke of the pen funding was cut, teachers laid off  and forget about getting a student loan. You'd need a degree just to get through the process only to find out that grants and scholarships are no longer there. Wiped out with a pen. Stab somebody and they will more than likely recover fairly quickly. Eliminate their safety nets and it's curtains for you pal. And this goes way beyond emotional disconnect. With a sword one must face their foe at close quarters. Even with a gun it requires aim and focus on the target. Slowly we have distanced ourselves. The pilot seeks out his target, drops his load and heads for home but even he must verify the kill. A drone jockey still must hone in on his prey all while watching from a world away. None of this is necessary when writing on a piece of paper. Yet entire towns can be wiped out with the signing of a document be it in DC or at some foreign accord. Usually done in the name of peace or the environment or some other lame euphemism. And no damage reports here while those at the top sit in their cushy offices thinking up the next round of torture.

What does congress care when their are lobbyists on both sides of an issue? So it's just a matter of who has the most money. No sweat off their balls when election season rolls around because by then the rubes will have forgotten. And then it will be kiss ass to their corporate masters all the while telling the peonage™ that it's their own fault that things are so messed up. If we just didn't have those greedy teachers and firemen things would be just fine. We'll save grandma by taking away her one hot meal a day (whilst they stuff grandma's meal money in their pockets). 

Like Lucy pulling the football away one more time we get told things will get better "if only". If only means yet more tax breaks for corporations. It means more lame trade agreements that lets corporations ship jobs overseas. It means more cuts to local governments and less jobs as the locals try and make up for the lost revenues and federal dollars. And you think you're safe with any job you may have? Think again. All done with the stroke of a pen.

Where's the jobs you promised Mr. Boner? Oh that's right they're in China helping to make you guys richer. So forget the guns, it's time to take away some pens before we're all living out of a dumpster.


BBC said...

I think it's silly to expect the governments to provide jobs, other than for basic services, in free market economy's.

The Blog Fodder said...

America no longer has a free market economy. It is as centrally planned as was the Soviet economy, only by corporations, not government.

BBC said...

Maybe, much of it is greek to me, I just figure out how to keep on keeping on the best I can in the mess of it all.

Anonymous said...

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