Friday, June 21, 2013

Beaver the friday tracking version

We have sophisticated GPS systems that somehow can't get us where we're going. There's technology galore with programs that can do functions within a mili-second and yet is anything any better than it was ten, twenty or thirty years ago? And I'm sure we've all experienced it when the check out gal somehow hit the wrong key on the register and it took the store manager to dash over complete with secret password and special key to unlock the great mystery of the system and unfreeze things. And they call that progress. But there was a time when it was a simple matter mashing down a mechanical key, giving a hand crank a spin and up popped a total. Even receipts were not that important because everybody had that long lost trust with the people they dealt with behind the counter. 

Where did trust go? I know it was here sometime in the past. Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking people have always lied, but it seems it was never this bad. You would have thought that with the internet it would have made people more honest not less. After all anything you say is documented and easily pulled up for later viewing. So don't tell me you didn't say something when it's your puss on the youtube video of years past.  Now we have secret courts and secret laws and snoopers on top of snoopers because you never know somebody somewhere might just get an evil idea. Whoa to him who even tries to think it. So what's next the thought police? If that happened we'd all be in jail for our nefarious subconscious thoughts. Kill him? Of course I'd like to kill him but only in the recesses of the grey matter.

So just to contribute to the mega terra bits of information that will I'm sure be stored for posterity and yet never see the light of day ever again (this is after all nothing more than electronic bird cage liner). And yet here we sit having our most private of private communications ransacked like a home invasion robber only these guys leave with all the furniture just as we left it. If you want to know what I'm up to just ask. I'll be more than happy to tell you. You don't need to snoop through my things because there really isn't anything here worth looking at. 

Bank fails later and let's all watch as the markets take a tumble...
UPDATE: No fails this week


BBC said...

I give idiots directions to my place and then they try to get here with their gps units, that don't have a fugging clue where I live.

My gps thinks I live on 2nd when I live on Avis. This street hasn't been 2nd street for about 20 years.

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm seriously convinced that GPS makes people stupid.

Randal Graves said...

Don't worry, someone's gonna snakeplissken everything eventually.

Demeur said...

Why wouldn't it think Avis was 2nd? It has to "try harder". But only when Hertz won't put you in the drivers seat. nyuck nyuck nyuck!

True Roger. Do they still make paper maps?

Better than being farfegnugened I guess.

The Blog Fodder said...

I don't want a GPS, just a compass in my car. comes from growing up in an ordered land where everything was on the square and once you found North, you were good to go.