Sunday, June 9, 2013


When is enough enough? When is the tipping point when people aren't going to take it anymore and change things. Our congress sits on it's ass collecting a paycheck while people get cut off from social programs. All well and good to feast on our public dime while children have their lunches snatched right out from under them. And don't forget grandma when meals on wheels doesn't show up and she has to fight the cat for her dinner.

We should hold a large mirror up to the government when they bad mouth the good people of this land. No senator it isn't the teachers or firemen or police who bankrupted this country, it was you and your den of vipers in DC. And let us not forget your Johns on Wall Street who financed your little tryst. The "stupid party"™ rambles on about wanting more followers all the while cutting and blocking legislation that would help the masses. The enabler party lets them get away with it too. Time for a people's party who actually represent us and not some three piece suit dunderheads who's produced nothing for mankind but misery.

But let us not forget the snoops. That non existent agency we pay billions to to spy on ourselves. So you don't actually listen to the conversations we're told. I call BS. You've been doing it since after the Patriot Act was passed. You installed eavesdropping equipment to most of the major phone companies not long after 911 and we know it. Even the people that used to work there said as much. Looking for bad guys were they? Hardly. Their hobby was listening in on juicy conversations and I think you know what I'm talking about. "Hey Harry check out the hot chick on line 39 talking to some married guy". And you have the balls to be incensed when we catch you breaking the laws of the land. So if there's a criminal investigation to be had it should be with your agency for violating our rights. No law is greater than our constitution and you've sure violated that enough times in the past 10 years. This isn't 1950s Mother Russia comrade but it's sure starting to look like it. 
As for dishing it out you sure know how to do that but you sure can't take it. And let's face it, it's not how the bad guys communicate anyway. You should already know that one by now. They do things the old fashioned way by courier so unless you actually get off your butts and track them they'll keep getting away with it. As for fighting them "over there", how about we start playing in our own sand box and leave them alone. It's what they wanted in the first place.

From now on I'll be posting more about government corruption, you know holding a mirror up to their faces. If they have much to read from me it'll be about their own misdeeds. we can have some fun with them in the process too. That shouldn't be too hard either considering they've shredded the constitution with their secret laws or should I say illegal laws. They have a image problem now and it's no easy task to polish a turd especially as messy as this one is. 


BBC said...

We can't change a damn thing cuz we vote the wrong people into office and will keep doing so.

But we can go fishing.

Roger Owen Green said...

I blame 9/11/ It's made Americans collectively stupid.

Randal Graves said...

Technology is now able to co-opt our inherent tribal natures. We love to gut spill and tell everyone which donut shop we're at and when, so we do all the work for them. This is much easier than the Stasi employing agents.

Demeur said...

Yeah Billy just don't eat the fish.

Speak for yourself Roger. You of all people should know better.

Who the hell can afford to go to a donut shop? I was hoping for a free prostate exam in there somehow because you never know I may be hiding the microfilm.

BBC said...

Fug it, I'm eating three fish today.

Roger Owen Green said...

Well not EVERYONE. But surely there is less outrage than I would expect. Some folks think it' just swell, as long as we're "safe."