Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mixed nutz and other news you can't use

(This is not an endorsement for whole foods or any other company. And no nutz were injured in the making of this presentation)

Just love taking the news and twisting it around to fit my snarky devious brain. Some people collect stamps or drier lint, well this is my diversion.

Fed officials spend week trying to calm investor fears about interest rate hikes.
Oh my get them a fainting couch. As if they didn't make a killing while the rest of us suffered.

British PM David Cameron backs Taliban peace talks on Afghan visit.
Okay just drop the last part there and the headline would read "Cameron backs Taliban". And now you know how right wingers think never reading any farther.

Obama urges dialogue instead of violence in Egypt.
There's the pot calling the kettle black. How about Obama stop killing people with drones before he opens his hypocritical mouth?

100th Tour de France begins in Corsica
Don't forget your caffeine pills boys or whatever it is to get the edge. Why not just have a steroids unlimited competition? That might make things interesting.

128 degree temps hit the southwest, record tornadoes in the central plains, and a hurricane that devastated New York and New Jersey and yet people won't face up to climate change. It's not about opinion folks it's about scientific fact. When the earth warms the energy is transfered to the atmosphere. Keep messing with mother nature and she'll bite you in the butt.

Say goodbye to Google reader.
Not that I used it anyway but hey after hearing that Google is in bed with the NSA who needs somebody leering over your shoulder when you read? As fast as tech is moving these days it's amazing that programers can get a product out the door before it becomes obsolete. Take the newly redesigned Blackberry as an example. It never had a chance.

Obama wants to dump $7bn into Africa for electricity
Here's an idea. Spend the 7bn on our infrastructure that's falling apart. Why dump more misery on them when it will take even more oil and coal to run those power plants? And we thought Obama was all for the environment.


The Blog Fodder said...

USA has pretty much run out the ability to criticize any country for doing anything.

BBC said...

Life is like a can of mixed nuts, the big ones raise to the top.

Keep messing with mother nature and she'll bite you in the butt.


Randal Graves said...

Sure, a tornado might destroy my hat hanger, but at least we're mostly out of range of Yellowstone.