Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday beaver is important

What is important?
As the world slowly crumbles around us the focus by the lame stream media seems always laser directed at things that are, let's say, of lesser value. The grand push for same sex unions is hardly earth shattering news when you look at the statistics. After all they aren't in the majority. So rather than focus on things like jobs and social well being our government is picking out the drapes while the house is on fire.
Senate focus at the moment is with providing us with the largest and historically most expensive security system in the world. And like any good corporation is dead set to fix the symptoms and not the problems. Building a 700 mile fence with a battalion of security guards won't work any more than the Berlin wall did of the cold war era. Yes it might have slowed a few folks down but it didn't solve the problem. And it's not just about a matter of freedom either. These people aren't leaving Mexico so they can voice their displeasure or exercise freedom of speech, they're just trying to survive. Five dollars a day wages doesn't cut it in any country.

So what is important? Being out of work, wondering if the retirement funds will stretch to the end of the month, and for some just making it to the end of the month on a fixed income, unemployment or those with no income living on savings. The powers that be have tried to frame what's happening as some religious extremism somehow wanting to be under our beds when in fact that's just a cover for one of the largest thefts of wealth this world has ever seen. While the lame stream media is busy touting the corporate talking points and has us (or tries to anyway) focused on the latest boogyman, the boys in finance are busy with business as usual which is to privatize profits while dumping the debt on the rest of us. Greed is not good in the end Mr. Geko because eventually those at the bottom will have their day and that is slowly happening on a world scale too. Look at Greece Spain Italy Turkey and now the one million who took to the streets in Brazil. You can't keep the shell game going much longer. The people can only be fooled so many times.

Short update: Was looking through the stats on this blog just to see if things were up or down and noticed that yesterday was a bit off the charts. The bulk of the people were from...wait for it... Iran. Go figure. I didn't think they were that much into climate change. Knew things were heating up over there but not in that way.

UPDATE: Missed this one: Beavers chewed through a fiber optic cable in N.M. causing an outage to internet and cell phones. And I always thought beavers liked the net. Maybe they're not happy with their service providers.

Bank fails later...
UPDATE: No bank fails this week


Randal Graves said...

So you've been working with the Ayatollah all this time.

BBC said...

Camping, is important. And beer.

The Blog Fodder said...

Winston Smith would disagree that the people will have their say. It is far too late. Like Big Brother the Executive (true government of the USA) know who you are and where you live. Anything serious will not even get a start.