Saturday, June 22, 2013

Run away random thoughts

Everything seems to be run away these days all to the extremes. Was a time that whistle blowers were honored. No more. Now it's run away before they catch you and convict you. Judges seemingly making up their own rules. Again run away before they convict you. Politicians creating laws that have no common sense. Juries that have made up their minds before the opening arguments. Soldiers mowing down innocent civilians. It's even permeated the inanimate and unpredictable. Cars with sticky accelerators, stock markets that react to good news with a plunge and even the weather dumping flooding rains, hurricanes and tornadoes. The world seems on a course like a run away locomotive and the engineer is nowhere to be found.

They say for every action there is a reaction and nothing could be truer at the moment. Worthless paper was pumped into markets some ten plus years ago and the world economy is taking a run away dive. Countries metal in others affairs and the end result is run away wars. An insulin pump will now come with an auto shut off because it doesn't know when to stop. They've even put a kill switch on most electric cars for the same reason. Nothing knows when to stop. What's that about an object in motion tends to stay in motion Newton's first law? But who's following laws these days? Yet it holds true since there's nothing stopping anything at least for the moment.

We are a stupid lot when you stop to consider it all. We dig nasty oil out of the ground, ship it and spill it in the process only to burn it and land up poisoning ourselves and the planet down the road. "What fools these mortals be" to quote Willy. We've become so industrialized so automated that just one wrong move results in a run away catastrophe the likes never seen before, a copy machine run amuck spitting paper and ink in all directions. So if you want to mess things up use a computer. Oops was that the send to all button you just hit? 


Randal Graves said...

That's the beauty of technology, keeping us alive longer to experience more crap.

BBC said...

But you live in interesting times.


The Blog Fodder said...

Aren't you just a bundle of cheer today?