Monday, June 10, 2013

Occupy movement gone? No way

It started in Tunisia when a chap decided he'd had enough of the dictatorial oppression. It next spread to Libya  where the long term dictator was ousted discovered hiding in a ditch and subsequently beaten to death. Not to be out done Egypt got into the act holding massive demonstrations until it's government too fell to the pressure. Have we forgot anybody? Oh the list goes on with Syria still in the process, Greece which tries to fight to survive but can't under crushing debt. Then there are the lessor knowns such as Cyprus and of course most of the baltic countries. Slovenia's government just resigned in the last few weeks. And now it's Turkey's turn. 

All this gives one cause to ponder. Is this some fluke or maybe a mere part of some natural process? My theory is that it's part of a process of extremes only somewhat natural much like menopause or mid life crisis on a world scale. Let's face it we aren't getting any younger as a global population. From an economic viewpoint this had to be planned. It's  too well organized. What happened? It's all quit simple and yet complicated at the same time. We switched from the gold standard where currency was valued at a set amount of gold. That along prevented the wild fluctuations of prices we see today. It made it quit easy for speculators to step in and artificially manipulate prices of everything we buy. So there is no such thing as supply and demand anymore unless we speak of paper contracts. Even then it's artificially done with computers sometimes with no human intervention at all. Just don't get your leg caught in that machine of crunching numbers.

When will it all end? When there's not much left to suck out of the system. It is crumbling right now as you read this. Debt is being layered upon debt to people and nations that can no way pay it back. Interestingly enough was watching the movie Wall Street and the Gordon Geko greed man. He thought he was a big shot stealing the assets of corporations at tens of millions. What's happened in real life then pales by comparison with what was then. Entire nations are being looted. Fear not the people are awaking up to this mugging and a new New World Order is in the process. Don't believe it? Look on the streets of Turkey and many other countries. But don't bother flipping on the 6 o'clock news because you won't see it there. This revolution will not be televised.  

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