Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday beaver and the news

IMF admits: we failed to realize the damage austerity would do to Greece.

Well Duh! Any fifth grader could have told you that. The money didn't go into state coffers to do things like build roads improve schools or hire more doctors, it went directly to the banks who set about to give their executives sweet bonuses for basically doing nothing. All the while this debt burden which the people themselves did not rack up was placed squarely on their shoulders. It didn't take a genus to figure out that when the people lost trust in the banks that they'd pull their money out. It was also no great help that the government imposed an immediate 29% tax on the entire population. And now some idiot group has in their heads that this was all brought on because a bunch of poor people immigrated into the country not realizing that it was the boys in the three piece suits that gave them a good fleecing. Stupidity knows no bounds.

Government snoops through everything you do on the net and your phone calls.
(For those of you at the NSA reading this please take a moment and read the 4th amendment to our constitution. There's no mention of secret laws or courts.) 

Maybe yes maybe no. But here's the scary thing in all this. As the expression goes there's only six degrees of separation between us and Abdul. So how the hell do we know if the clerk at the 7-11 wasn't calling his relatives back in the middle east who just happens to go to the same mosque as one of the bad guys. It's guilt by association now? This all makes about as much sense as putting Alex Jones in charge of the program. Of course he'll find connections as wrong as they may be. By this thinking we can now label senator John McCain with his terrorist ties. He did after all go to Syria just recently to meet with the rebels some of whom are Al Qaeda. Better have a permanent tap on his phone and emails. 

Present economic indicators reveal hearts and flowers.

And if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you real cheap. Supply siders seem to have forgotten that you can produce all the products in the world but if you don't have customers you're not going to make a big profit. You can build it but they aren't coming. Last I checked just about every mall here was 1/3 empty of shops. You could just about roll a bowling ball down the aisle of a grocery store and not hit a soul. So why the quick return of the Dow over 15,000? Because the speculators cashed out their quick short hedges and pumped the market back up. But fear not since it's all just funny money anyway the tide will turn (remember the housing market of the last few years).

You have to love the next two articles for their juxtaposition.

First we have the Vermont governor decriminalizing marijuana followed by...
Score free doughnut today.

I leave you to make your own jokes on that one. In the mean time...

Bank fails later.
UPDATE: One bank failed in TN this week

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