Friday, August 8, 2008

Bush wacked amend. 2

Second amendment
The right to bear arms - The Bush administration like this one so much that they decided to sell arms to both the Suunis and Shea in southern Iraq.
Then there's Mary Lou McFate aka Mary Lou Sapone (her married name). As McFate she wrote letters on behalf of gun control groups. As Sapone she listed hobbies such as hunting, trapping, fishing and shooting sports. Basically she was a paid mole for the NRA. I'll bet she votes republican (just a guess). She was expelled as a board member of a nonviolence group last week and is expected to be expelled from another today.
In all honesty I'm not against guns but I think it's a responsibility of the NRA to train all gun owners in gun safety. Some type of gun safety certificate should be required whether from the NRA or other qualified company. It just makes sense. Too many kids have been killed playing with guns.


Distributorcap said...

there is no logical reason why licensing and waiting periods shouldnt be tougher......

Wayne said...

I'm with ya there. I was trained in the military and by my friends family down the road who were avid hunters.