Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

After reasearching this woman I don't think I'd hire her to be dog catcher. Where to begin? A degree in journalism from Idaho with a minor in politics. A city counsil member of a town of around 5000. A few failed moments as governor. And the only real thing she has going for her is gender. And that is not the main issue here. As McCain has been blasting away at Obama's lack of experience who does McCain pick? Someone with less experience. All I can say is the debates should be interesting.
On the face value I'd say Ms. Palin is the type of politician you'd just love to vote out of office. You know the type. The ones at council meetings who waste a massive amount of time on trivial issues and get nothing done. I could be wrong about her I usually give people some benefit of the doubt. But this is definitely not someone I'd want to step in as president. Just wondering if Ambien Johnny had a brain fart in the middle of the night when he picked her. Also wondering if John has given up on the campaign. Realizing a loss he picks somebody he owes a favor. Or has this been the strategy of the republican party for a while now?

Here's the wiki background on her go there and decide for yourself. If you find something there or anywhere that makes her qualified please let me know.



Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I read the articile you referenced in your post-----I found that it reflected a "Can Do" attitude on the part of Ms Palin---and it demonstrated she began her career at the grass roots of American Politics, the local city council---She is obviously against corruption in governmenbt and makes her decisions on what is best for the voters----I think she brings the kind of fresh spunky attitude to the election that here to fore has been kinda lacking.

Distributorcap said...

puh leeze she is SO qualified

she eats mooseburgers
she believes in creationism
she carries a gun
she wants to kill all the wildlife in alaska by drilling
she was runner up for miss alaska

exactly who you want to to answer the 3am call. exactly who can deal with the president of iran

yes she is a fresh face and an outsider --- and he will get a bounce for a bit, but then hopefully whatever sane people are left in the country will realize this woman could be president

Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, I'd hire her to be dogcatcher for sure. I'm sure she's competent to run a city of less than 10,000. Maybe even one of the few states that can love on its oil money. And dam,n, she's kinda cute. But her politics are an abomination.

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