Monday, August 4, 2008

What to do now?

This has to be the worst economy since the late 70's early 80's. Prior to the 4th of July holiday I was told that there was tons of work after the holiday. I was gearing up to have a long run of get er done work schedules. When I called the week after the 4th the boss was on vacation and wouldn't be back for a week or more. Called back 10 days later and nothing. Called the union hall to see what was happening. Nothing! Over 400 on the out of work lists. Usually in an election year there's at least some make work government project that keeps the peasants working and not taking up torches and pitch forks calling for the heads of those in power. Not this year. They were oh so kind enough to extend unemployment checks for 13 weeks but with no good news in the future or indication that the economy will turn around any time soon.
At this point I'm considering a career move but to what? Eighteen plus years of doing the same thing really doesn't make for saleable skills. Yes haz mat is technical and yes I can learn just about anything but which direction. I had considered teaching haz mat at one point but at present with no demand for workers that's not an option. I need about another five or six years savings to be able to retire. Background includes photography, building maintenance and of course haz mat. I'm open to suggestions.


GJG said...

I have to admit I am kinda surprised, in an election year there is normally that surge of government spending to gloss over things by the "Ins". Not knowing the details of your job skills, I might suggest, any large city might need Haz-met people, school districts etc, fire departments, etc. How about large commercial construction companies, I would think they would want hazmet knowledged people accessible on their payrolls---asbestos cleaning and such??---how about Aerospace companies?? I guess I am to ignorant of your speciality field, so unable to suggest logical related cross over fields your experience and background might lend themselves to.

Gary (aka Old Dude

Wayne said...

I always thought that photographers should have it easy. Being that a photo blog could actually do quite well...especially when you dig into the details of cameras and taking snaps.

I can solve anything with technology, it just may not be applicable. LOL

One Fly said...

I hear where you're coming from as it's the same here difference being I have a job but have grown weary of it. Own property that I would move to in a heartbeat but there are no jobs. Tired of this shit hole little town too. Just had a local lowlife prick screaming at me to come out so he could kick my ass because I had just chewed his dumb ass son's ass out for driving at least 50 in a 25something he does on a regular basis. Not in my neighborhood you dumb bastard.

We both have skills I'm sure that others do not have plus a work ethic and are good at what we do but that does not get us another job in these times.

Would like to be self employed but can't figure out what that would be and don't want to turn a wrench like I've been doing. If it weren't for the health insurance I would make that move spoken about before and force myself to earn a living as the cost of living is small when you own something. I very much enjoy photography too. If people were not chained to where they are at because of the insurance issue what a positive thing that would be. Allowing people to move and or to try a business idea that was impossible before.

If I were to attempt something I'd like it to be associated with computers and the internets.

You get a brain fart Demeur let me know. tb

Demeur said...

I spent nearly ten years taking asbestos out of schools and commercial buildings around here. The schools are nearly all done and commercial properties are sitting on their wallets. Our Gov just put on a hire freeze because nobody's buying anything hence less sales taxes. Aerospace- I worked at Boeing for three and a half years with a subcontractor. Guess what? When Bush took office they cut their environmental department down to 2 people per shift (figured they could get away with it if a big spill happened) Republicans don't give a damn about the environment so don't get me started (look up Libby, Montana and Bush and you'll know why I go ballistic about him)

Photography would be great except my vision is about half gone and most of the big studios here are long gone. With digital photography any monkey can make a portrait. Cameras are just about disposable. Most photographers now make less than a Wal Mart greeter.

one fly
Think you're right it's just a matter of figuring out what to do next and go for it. That's how I got into Haz mat in the first place.

BBC said...

I seen it coming years ago so prepared for it. Property is free and clear and everything else is paid for. To late for you to do that now though.

And I am a bit older than you are so I get my SS money, assuming that it keeps coming. If it doesn't I'll figure out something.

I'm going to suggest that if you can scrape up about ten grand that you buy a decent used one ton truck and a good trailer and start a metal recycling business.

Preferably in a smaller town that hasn't got one. But one that isn't over a hundred miles to where you can take it to sell it to a dealer.

Good money in it right now and it's always nice to be your own boss. I started one in Utah with just my half ton pickup and a trailer and a few hundred bucks and did damn good at it, fun business. If you need any help with prices and such let me know.

That's all I can think of right now , good luck, maybe a job will open up soon.

Or you can just make up a bunch of fake raffle tickets and sell them all over the place, I made some spending money as a kid going that. Ha, ha, ha.

BBC said...

One more thought. I moved here in 98, to be what I thought was to be a bum. At least that is how I looked at it at the time I came here. I guess for a bum I've been pretty successful, making me a bad bum.

I started doing repairs at the marina because at the time I was hanging out there a lot. Was living on the streets in a camper so I got a beeper and signed on at the employment office on their temp job list as a handyman.

One of my first jobs was for a couple that really liked me (she really liked me) and my work and it ended up being about 18 hours a week for three years. But no side benefits with the little honey, darn, snickers.

Then I met a man with a small cafe hotel complex and went to help him do a project and ended up out there part time for almost three years.

Wasn't interested in getting rich, just getting by, took on other jobs when I felt like it if I wanted more hours.

By then I knew quite a few people, word had gotten about my work some and for next four years I had plenty of work just by word of mouth.

The last two years I worked in Sequim a lot as there are a lot of well off people over and they are always changing and improving things and such.

The well off aren't spending as much now but they are still spending and looking for bargains. I gave them good rates and had all the work I wanted, could have worked 40 or more hours a week if I wanted to, I didn't.

I don't figure I'm on this planet for all that work shit and my world doesn't revolve around money. I have enough and that is all I care about. Unless beer gets really expensive, ha, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Quit your whining and go for it. This is what is so great about this country. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere!!! Being stuck in a union is the worst. The only people who make money and the only ones they look out for are themselves. Its like their own political senate. They want you down just like the dems don't want anyone to succeed in life. The government or us (big brother) will take care of all your woes. I started over when I had no choice and didn't get locked into a lousy unemployment check. You'll never get anywhere if you go that route. Invest in something that will enhance your talents. Classes, volunteering etc. You'd be amazed at what will open up if you become positive!!!!

NucMEd is Hot said...

I wish I had some really snazzy idea, unfortunatley, I don't. I guess you could check into businesses in your area that deal with radioactivity. You'd be surprised how many there are.