Friday, August 15, 2008

We don't care about the facts you're still guilty

As I said in an earlier post. Our exemplary judicial system run by Bush cronies has not a clue about a fair and balanced legal system. Oh did I say fair and balanced? Yeah fair and balanced like Faux News as long as you're not actually looking for the truth. This reminds me of a bad western where the 'hangin judge' comes to town and for the blood thirsty town folk to have their gallows celebration complete with refreshments and parasols for the ladies. Whiskey all around boys there's gunna be a hangin. Thought the guy was innocent? Oh the verdict doesn't matter they'll just hang em anyway. They're just towel heads ya know so they all must be terrorists. All related to Bin Ladin you know.

Gitmo justice

Ah yes and they must get this started before the elections. Notice how republicans indicted won't have their trials until next year. How convienient. And you can get away with an act of treason (outing a CIA operative) and nothing happens.

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