Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bush wacked

Wow, Wayne asked me if I could make a list of the Bush transgressions. I'd like to but I don't know if there's enough room on the server to hold that much information. So I'll give a basic summary using our constitution and divide it into the amendments that this misadministration has violated. Let's try just 3 or 4 at a shot lest this turn into something as long as War and Peace

First Amendment - freedom of religion - prohibiting establishment of a religion over another.
That is of course unless you're a Muslim in which case you are a suspect terrorist until proven otherwise. Cat Stevens was denied entry into the U.S. because he had converted.
We don't hold one religeon over another unless you're a televangelist making big donations and parrot the party lines. Pat Robertson calling for the assination of Hugo Chavez (How Christian of you Pat). And after elected Bush and Co referred to them (the religious right) as "wakos".
Freedom of speech
Unless of course you're wearing a T shirt with any arabic lettering. "We will not be silent" in english and arabic got one passenger a seat at the back of the plane and he had to cover the message.
Wearing a support our troops T shirt got Cindy Shean removed and arrested from an event in DC even though she was there as a guest of a Senator.
Free speech zones- special areas set up for protesters far away from the main event.
Freedom of the Press
Don't be black at a McCain rally even if you're from the press. That will get you removed as well as anyone standing up for you.
Not to forget CBS editing important parts of reportage because it might embarrass McCain.
Freedom of Assembly
As long as it's not on a public road leading to the Bush compound in Crawford Texas.
Freedon of Petition
Unless you are the state of California wanting to make environmental standards higher than the national average. The EPA now run by Bush cronies won't let you.

Wow this is really starting to get long and I've only done a brief sumary of one amendment. Think I'll change this and only do one amendment per day. As this is just an off the top of my head piece I think my head might explode. Now if I can just find the music to go with it - Ooooo that smell.


Wayne said...

I think you might have a series on your hands! I keep looking for something like this, but always end up empty handed...and empty headed for the most part.

This administration has really soured the government even more than the last, and I'm left wondering...has it always been like this and we are so connected via the net and other communications that we are only now beginning to see how it has always been?

Love it Demeur!

BBC said...

It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around, just go to a beach.

BBC said...

First Amendment, Second, Third, who gives a shit, it's just a bunch of fucking monkeys fucking around with their tribal bullshit.

America is just Rome relocated here with their bullshit politics.

One world, one peoples, one flag. Duh !!!

Demeur said...

I'd agree with ya except these monkeys are shuffling people off to Warsaw in the middle of the night. Innocent people. I think you might recall Nazi Germany when you were a kid? My next door neighbor when I was a kid lived through that. He survived, his wife was gassed.

Robert Rouse said...

The government is supposed to accept petitions of our grievances - at least according to the First Amendment - yet the time many of us showed up at the White House gate with a petition about the war, not only were we turned away, they wouldn't even accept the petition. Bush once said, the Constitution was nothing more than a "goddmaned piece of paper". Of course, he was wrong about that - it's actually hemp!

Distributorcap said...

you know there is no constitution, remember that day laura screamed "where is the toilet paper"