Friday, August 29, 2008

Interesting speech

Obama covered just about all of the points I've covered in this blog at one time or another. I don't expect him to wave some magic wand and magically transform the nation but he has the right ideas. It's all a matter of balance. You can't take massive amounts of money from the middle class, give it to the rich and expect that to some how trickle down to the rest of the nation. As he pointed out real income has dropped by $2000 since Bush took office. More people are loosing their jobs with more to come even after Bush leaves. Gas prices are up. Health care costs are up. Forclosures are at an all time high. Bankruptcys are at an all time high. Companies that are closing and laying off people give their CEOs big bonuses as their parting gift. The workers are faced with unemployment and no health care.
The most important part of his speech was a reminder. A reminder of who this country belongs to and that would be the people of this nation and not an elitest group of haves and have mores. We have seen what the last 8 years have brought so how can anyone vote for McCain when McCain voted for Bush 90% of the time last year and 100% the year before? I wouldn't put my faith in a 10% chance of change. So it's time for us to take back this country and get busy rebuilding the infrastructure, increasing educational, changing energy policy, providing health care and getting the money back into the hands of those who actually spend it, the middle class.


BBC said...

I know how to take this country back, but being a peaceful man I don't have the bombs

MRMacrum said...

His speech had more substance and less rhetoric IMO. Not as inspiring maybe, but he clearly stated his stand on many issues.

His focus on rebuilding the middle class is laudable. I hope if elected, he can make progress on that front. A large middle class is always the group that does the heavy lifting in any successful nation.

Wayne said...

I missed the speech regretfully. However, don't you think it quite amusing that McCain would nominate a female VP...seems audacious that he would think that just because she's female that he can capture the Clinton fan base.

What a goon...I hope there are smart people out there that can see through that BS of a move.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

The devil is in the details people. Demeur quotes the democratic party rhetoric as if it was gospel, and that is fine, That he feels somehow everything the democrats say is wrong with the country is somehow Bushes doing in the last eight years is kinda simplistic. The president doesn't make the laws, thats the congress's job---"Brick" speaks eloquently about this or that problem and states he would fix that problem (but the devil is in the details)----where are the details?? and Gosh Wayne, aren't you kinda bitter about Hillary getting pushed aside?

Demeur said...

Well Gary think of it this way, are you better off than you were even four years ago? Gas was about 1/2 what it is now. You have that wonderful perscription drug plan where you're stuck paying your own way in the middle of the donut hole. How's that working out for you and the LP? I could go on and on or don't you really pay that much attention? They'll screw you over and not even leave a mint on your pillow but you don't care.

Distributorcap said...

gary writes The president doesn't make the laws, thats the congress's job

with bush's signing statement and executive orders and use of executive privilege he has completely sidestepped congress -- he has been making law. the worse part is congress has sat back and done nothing --- making Nancy Pelosi the biggest enabler ever

bush has done SO much damage to this country and planet on so many levels in the past 8 years, no one can get us out of it -- may this complete douchebag of a president suffer greatly as much as he has made everyone else