Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bush wacked amend. 6

Sixth amendment
Right to a fair and speedy public trial, Notice of accusations, Confronting one's accuser, Subpoenas, Right to counsel

Where to begin? Fair? How can a trial be fair if the cards are stacked against you? When the evidence is held secret and the defense has no chance to see and refute the evidence.
Speedy? Being held for five years might be speedy if you were a redwood tree.
Public? The U.S public only hears of a trial only when a sentence is about to be released.
Notice of accusations? You are labeled an enemy combatant apparently that's the only notice needed.
Confronting one's accuser? Again we don't know because the process is secret.
Subpoenas? We don't need no stinking subpoenas. We just render those we suspect.
Right to counsel? Nope you don't get that until just before the trial and when you do there is no attorney client priveledge. Any conversation you have between you and your laywer may be recorded and used against you in our kangaroo court. And it doesn't matter anyway because you are guilty and even if you aren't we're going to keep you locked up for years to come and there's nothing you can do about it.

I think this whole thing is a farce. Even military courts have higher standards and they have always been considered draconian. Does this not remind you of the movie Hang em High?

All I can say is thank god this error is almost over.


Snave said...

I hope Bush and Cheney will leave office quietly on 1.20.09. My wife says I am acting paranoid when I talk of the chance that the GOP might pull some major stunt that would allow them to stay in the White House, but I know I will not rest easy until Bush and Cheney are gone.

Justice? If you subscribe to the correct ideology, justice can be yours! If you don't? I have become convinced they'll look for a way to screw you.

Roger Green said...

a mighty service you provide here, outlining the w's foolishness