Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The leader of the free world?

Great job Mikey now somebody git me nother beer


BBC said...

Leader of the free world *rolls eyes*

That's a good way to make slaves out of the working class.

Sure, to die like Rockefeller, but I can only think of one woman even close enough in spirit with me to do that with.

As for dying with a lot of pain, I won't. Spirit has a gun.

BBC said...

Drop in for a beer some day, I got lots of buckets. Even a few lawn chairs and a love seat out in the yard.

No lawn but a lovely dandelion crop, might need them for making wine if things go to hell.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Did you also notice at the basketball game that "Old Bush" looked like a corpse and Laura looked liked the joker with extra plastic surgery?

Demeur said...

With my luck I'd have aldsheimers (sp) and forget to shoot. he he
Some day I just might do that. Green and yellow goes well together. Never had the wine though.

Didn't watch any of it while Shrub was there. That guy just has to spoil everything. Laura bot always did look like the Joker. Pop over to Watertigers blog and have a look. She's always got great shots of the Bush crime family.

Wayne said...

Yup, saw that and laughed. Great face Mr President...just great.