Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beavers fires, tornados, and earthquakes

I guess the beavers are dodging and weaving with all the fires tornados and earthquakes. At least they're smart enough to get out of the way of trouble. I hear we could get a 9.0 here and that 1/2 of Seattle would be wiped out. I'd agree with those findings. Anybody who knows anything about Seattle knows that from 3rd Ave. down to the water everything is built on sand. The safest place to be in this part of the country would be at Sea Tac airport. We spent the last five years putting in massive steel supports and concrete. Actually I didn't put anything in, I was one of many who took the old concrete and asbestos out so they could put in the steel.


an average patriot said...

9.0 would devastate anywhere, that is monstrous!

BBC said...

9.0 will do a lot of damage. What would a 9.0 do to my place? I have no idea.

This place is pretty solid even though it looks like crap, so if I'm here I should be okay. If I'm somewhere else in this area I may get killed. In which case it won't matter.

If this place does go down, well, I have other backup plans and shelters to live in.

If it goes down with me in it I don't think that will be a problem, my desk alone will keep a roof from crashing onto me.

It's not a quake that worries me as much as getting by after one and I'm as ready to deal with that as I know how to be.

BlueFlame said...

Beavers are awesome. Earthquakes are not. Luckily they aren't a problem, here in the middle of the prairies. I was maybe planning on coming down to Seattle later in the year though. I assume that would take out the Convention Center pretty quickly...