Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Night Beaver

The Friday night beaver got pushed to Saturday this week. I guess he couldn't find a date last night and his threads were at the cleaners. Speaking of beavers it seems they were busy up here in the Northwest in early spring. One of their dams let loose and a bunch of houses were wiped out in a mud slide. Wonder if the owners will sue the state or the beavers? Unless the beavers won the state lottery it looks like that would be the state. You can't beat mother nature, she always wins.

Beaver dam collapses


BBC said...

Yeah, I read that news this morning. Build in natures way and nature is going to pick on you.

I'd sue them for being stupid, not the beavers, the monkeys.

But wasn't it a nice day? It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow.

Wayne said...

I think he got laid last night and he's just getting home.

Damn beavers...