Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The swine is running

Washington state has now joined the rest of the nation with 6 cases of swine flu. This has not been totally confirmed by the CDC but initial testing indicate that it is not a regular strain of the flu. Expect the more cases to follow. How extensive will this outbreak become is anyone's guess. It could mutate and fade away or it could turn into something very bad. We'll see. Keep your hands clean and cover your coughs and sneezes.

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The Blog Fodder said...

This is looking really scary. So far it seems to be all over the world. No escaping even where there are no pigs. We are going to lose a bunch more people but hopefully not in the millions like 1917 at least.

You are right about washing hands. Make like Lady Macbeth!! Kissing is actually safer than shaking hands.