Friday, April 17, 2009

Hypocrites News Texas style

The wingnut from Texas is just blowing the usual Republican hot air. After standing up at one of those tea bag rallys and calling for the secession of Texas Governor Rich Perry blathers on. Protesting about taxes is one thing if they were being raised on the masses, but they weren't. Taxes have been lowered. And if you're stupid enough not to take the stimilus money then good, that will be more money for the rest of us. And just wait until the people of Texas face even more layoffs and really could have used that money. Maybe you could set up a bread line at the Governors mansion. Oh that's right your too busy trying to find funds to rebuild the mansion. You bitched about getting federal money to help get out of the resession but it seems you need help from FEMA (a federal agency) to put out fires and with hurricane rebuilding and preparedness. Now what's it going to be? You can't have your cake and eat it too.
Don't believe me then go to the Gov's website and look you yourself Texas governor's website
You think you're going to run for Prez in 2012. Think again. At this point Ron Paul could easily stomp you and he's about half wingnut crazy as well. Hey why don't you get that sexy Sarah Palin to run with you. She's a real crowd pleaser I hear. Oh that's right you couldn't afford her wordrobe and she's just clueless window dressing. Wonder if she can see North Korea from her house? I think Kim Jong Ill has a big missle for her.
So what's it going to be Gov? Should the guys in Oklahoma start building a big fence? I'm sure they could use the work at this point. I guess we could pull out our military bases out of Texas since they're funded by our federal tax dollars along with medicare, medicade and social security. Gee what would your mother say when she gets cut off?


an average patriot said...

He is done! Listening to that it blew me away listening to Tom Delay defend him. He also said they could not secede but could divide into 5 States compelling us to kick them out. Unbelievable!

BBC said...

Pretty amusing post. But I am interested in Palin's tits, ha ha ha.