Saturday, April 25, 2009

You swine you

I was disappointed to read about the outbreak in Mexico of the swine flu. Disappointed? Disappointed because the first thing I do when there's an outbreak or when I want information related to my occupation I go to the CDC web site to see the latest scoop. I went there this morning only to find a news release from the other day. No stats or warning. That is unuual. Usually the center for disease control is right on top of things. So I went elsewhere to find that 62 people have already died and Mexico is cancelling many public events and handing out paper surgical masks like flyers at the mall.
The thought occured to me that we're behind the curve on this one. It usually takes four days for the flu to take hold. Now I'm wondering how long it takes for our produce (most of which comes from Mexico) to get to the store. (anybody out there haul produce that knows?) You just know this has hit the farm area first down there. Think I'll be cooking my tomatoes and peppers quite well thank you very much. And so much for the raw salads for a while unless it's from what I grow. No swines around here.
The Friday beaver was off last night I guess it's either mating season or he had a heavy date. The weather is nice here and he was missing in action today as well.

Keep your drums upright


BBC said...

Now I'm wondering how long it takes for our produce (most of which comes from Mexico) to get to the store...

Based on my trucking days experiences most produce if possible is moved by teams of two drivers.

So, Mexico to the Seattle area? Two days, maybe three. My load from hell was a load of live plants from near Portland to the Carolina's with five drops at Lowes stores.

As I recall it took me three days and that included a diversion to Montana because Marie was with me and she had to get back home.

And I wasn't a team, just good with log books and could drive 22 hours a day. They don't watch drivers close enough, you can drive across the states four times and maybe have your log book checked once at a weigh station somewhere.

Anyway, posted about my boating mishap this morning and losing the motor.

Roger Owen Green said...

Scary stuff. And I wasn't reading the news but Twitter when I caught it - that and the death of Bea Arthur.

BBC said...

First I heard of the death of Bea Arthur. The Golden Girls show was okay back in the years went I watched some TV.

BBC said...

Looks like that flu bug is spreading fast.

BBC said...

Hey, just discovered a new site that may be useful. A friend over in Forks sent it to me because of the flu thing.

S.W. Anderson said...

Fresh veggies not that well washed would make a good vector, all right, provided they're moist. But a few human carriers boost the potential spread exponentially.

NBC News this evening showed how in Hong Kong they're checking people for illness when they come off of planes. That's mostly a dog-and-pony show.

Viral infections of this kind can be in a person's system anywhere from four or five days to a couple of weeks before they become ill. And some people can just be carriers, never getting sick from harboring the virus.

Paper masks? Unless they are specially made for protection against viruses, you might as well hold a hankie or Kleenex over your nose and mouth. Even a proper mask is only useful for a limited time because moisture from your mouth and nose compromise it.

Statistically, contact with things like a damp, contaminated faucet handle or the on-button for a restroom hand dryer is much more likely to convey the virus to you than what drifts into your respiratory system as you go about your business. Shaking hands with others is especially risky.

If you want to substantially reduce your risk of getting this or any viral infection, stay home as much as possible, and don't have people in. Don't eat or drink out. Don't shake hands with, hug or kiss anyone. Eat well, sleep enough and get some exercise. It helps to have a well-functioning four-leaf clover, too.

Tom Harper said...

This whole swine flu scare really sucks. Just what we needed. I hope it's just this year's "Killer Bees" hysteria. The media has to have the public on edge 24/7 so they'll sell more advertising and more products.

And my four leaf clover seems to be on the blink at the moment.