Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First banks now life insurance companies?

Now the Treasury Dept. wants to bail out life insurance companies. Hmm.. I could understand the possibility and the logic with something like annuities where the monies that pay out monthly payments have been hit by a drop in the stock market. The market is down from it's once high of 14,000 Oct.2007 but the worry here is that people will start droping like flies and they'll be inundated with claims for death benefits. Are these companies concerned that by some fate we'll be invaded or maybe some grand national disaster should wipe out a large segment of the population? Have they been secretly selling subprime mortgages on the sly without our knowledge? It does make one wonder. Maybe they're concerned that some laid off worker will go postal (you remember that term from years past) and wipe out the entire company from the CEO to the mailroom guy. Here's an idea. Quite bailing out companies that do little more than sell paper and invest in some training for things like solar and wind power. Then get busy building the damn things. Why is it that they've had no problem dumping tons of money into banks who in turn laid off workers while the rest of the work force must wait for things to get going? And why is it that local government have taken a chainsaw to the safety nets that serve people when they need it the most? We now have police departments who are worried about public safety because their budgets were cut and the layoffs are hitting them as well. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to go out and buy a gun because by the time the cops arrive it will be just in time to call the Medical Examiner. Maybe that's why the insurance companies will need a bail out.

Bailing out the Death Insurance Companies
Hey that's what they are you know.

GM and Segway develop the P.U.M.A. personnal transport.
Looks like an over priced wheel chair if you ask me. If this is their solution. They're screwed and we're screwed. We gave them how many billions and this is their solution? Give me a couple of billion and I'll get you something that looks like a soapbox derby entry so that I can have gold faucets and fridge in my exec powderoom.

Ted Stevens
OJ must be proud. You got off on a technicality but your still guilty and you know it. Nothing like shooting the messengers. Or in this case bringing charges against them. But then again seeing how this was the Bush justice department what would you expect? Thirty boxes of evidence that wasn't turned over.

So I found a new replacment CEO for any of these companies.

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