Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unemployment sucks

Just got my second extention of unemployment benefits. If this is what retirement is like include me out. After scouring the net looking under every web site there is I'm convinced nothing out there and it's getting worse. Every time a company around here lays off another couple hundred or thousand bodies hit the streets. Then you have the college kids who with high hopes who had that wild wet dream that they'd just pop into the local mega manufacturer or corporation and would be given their dream job with their own parking space. Ha ha ha the jokes on you. The reality is you don't have any experience and they aren't going to give it to you. The guys already working there are having their hours cut back even management. Got to watch out for the shrinking bottom line you know. So you thought you'd start your own company. How you going to do that when you still have all those student loans to pay back? You think you can get a business loan right now. You're daddy rich? Didn't think so.
The two relatives that I have here that are working had their hours cut. One now works 4 days and he's in management and the other is now down to 3 days. Still working? Don't bother to take a vacation your job just might not be there when you get back or maybe that newer guy who's had his eye on your position is just waiting to poison your reputation with the boss. Feel better now?

I guess it could be worse. Could be standing in a bread line like the 1930s with no unemployment. I'm sure the teabaggers would just love that. We'll just eliminate all taxes. Get rid of unemployment and kick those lazy old people off of Social Security and Medicare. Police and Fire? Who needs em. You can just buy a gun and protect your own property. Fire? We could leave a fire hose next to the hydrant and you can put it out yourself. Let the loggers and oil companies into our parks and spread the royalties amongst us. Let's make the whole of government for profit. Let the congressmen pay to hold the position. Get rid of all those pesky laws they just get in the way of profits. Open the prisons and let them all out. The most violent would be given the option of the country of their choice. Think of the savings.


J. Marquis said...

Sorry, dude. I know it's got to be hard. Hope things start to turn around soon.

Demeur said...

Unfortunately they probably won't but as I may have mentioned before I had prepared for this quite a while ago. It's just that I'm getting out of shape and if things should pick up it will be like starting over.