Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I really didn't want to bother with this subject as it's such a non subject. These people are the ones who don't bother to read and must have failed economics 101. A little history for all you Jaywalk Allstars. The Boston tea party was about taxation without representation. The last time I checked we the majority elected those that hold office at present. You keep saying that Obama has raised taxes. Not true if you bothered to read or listen. He actually lowered taxes on both us working stiffs and on business as well. We got what amounted to an $800 cut in witholding and business got a cut as well although I don't know the exact percent. This little financial problem has taken eight plus years to reach a head. Obama has been in office less than three months. Like some spoiled brat you expect him or anyone else to wave a magic wand and turn things around in four to six weeks like some American Idol contest? Get real. The reality is that some 50+ trillion dollars was sucked out of the economy in the last two years by the bad policies of Bush and company. And although there may have been conservative republicans who were totally against Bush on principle they voted lock step with the party. Only now the bottle is empty the party is over and it's time to clean up the mess.
But now we get to the really irritating part. If you look at the "crowds" of these tea baggers you will see some very average folks ones that I'm sure are not in the upper income brackets. These poor slobs have been fooled once again (they fell for Bush's BS for eight years) by corporate America and the corporate owned news media. None of them took the time to actually read what policies have been put in place or read the Recovery Act. The ecomonics being put in place are standard proceedures and it doesn't matter what side of the isle you're on this is what needs to be done.
The tea baggers can rant and rave all they want but this is what the majority wants and needs at the present. Tea baggers had no problems with Bush when he spent like the drunk he was on things of little value and most of it was off the books. So why when you see the results of actions you supported should you be outraged? Is it because you failed and just can't stomach the defeat? If this is how you plan on taking back power then you're in for a rude awakening. You'll be in the wilderness for many years to come. And your "plan" to get this country turned around is more of the same. Your solution of even less taxes and no spending would just result in more suffering more layoffs. Sounds like if you can't be in the drivers seat then you'll just wreck the car for spite.


Roger Owen Green said...

I didn't even know what teabagging meant until I read it in the Urban Dictionary. VERY Republican.

an average patriot said...

I am happy to hear it was no where as big as Faux was saying. It was to be 50 states and 300 cities. I have not heard much about it but I did catch that one of the lawns at the White House had to be shut down temporarily!

Demeur said...

Roger I'm sure you got a chuckle out of that.

Jim the one near the White House was broken up because these morons didn't bother to get a permit and they though it would be cool to throw a box of tea bags on the White House lawn which prompted the secret service to disband the crowd and xray the box with their high tech robot.

BBC said...

The last time I checked we the majority elected those that hold office at present.Life is like a can of mixed nuts. The big ones work their way to the top and that is who we have to vote for.

Actually, we deserve that. They are having a teabagging thing here, I'm not going.

BBC said...

Do you follow David Horsey at the PI??

Tom Harper said...

Little old Port Angeles had 300 to 400 people at their tea party (according to the local paper). I walked by just to get a brief look. It looked like just a generic demonstration more than anything else. 2 of the signs I saw were "Hitler was a good speaker too" and "governments lie, people die." I'm not quite sure what either of those slogans have to do with taxes.

I think we do suffer from taxation without representation. We all pay taxes, but the only people who get any results from our "elected" officials are the ones who bribe them, er, I mean, make "campaign contributions."