Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Betting on your life

I see only a handful of senators and congress critters are visibly out there fighting for a plan to save health care. Now the insurance companies have chimed in with their position. Like a coin toss of heads I win tails you lose they have indicated that it doesn't matter what happens they will continue to raise rates. Latest figures put that at 110% increase. Is there anyone out there who could have any of their bills increased by that figure and expect to pay it? I didn't think so. This report put together by an insurance group called AHIP (you might recall that they were the ones who gave the screaming points to the teabaggers this past summer). There's an objective organization.. no? They know that once there's a public option to health care the game is over. Like the parisites they are they won't be able to suck the life blood out of their policy holders any longer. They're looking for every loophole every scare tactic they can think of at the moment to squash this plan. But they may have played their cards wrong on this. They may have played the fear card too soon because as we all know fear only works for a short while. When fear is replaced with facts and understanding it evaporates and progress is made.

Some of the senators who've been well paid for by the insurance companies would have you believe that no one is for a public option. Polls seem to show otherwise. But one particular representative Anthony Weiner from NY would like you to throw your two cents into the debate and inform these ill informed senators that the people of this country are indeed in support of a public option and he's set up a web site so you can express your thoughts:

Countdown to health care
I hope you'll pop over and throw in your thoughts.

As for death panels for grandma, she'll probably out live me. She has Medicare and I have nothing. So if you don't have health insurance at the moment then that is like a government run death panel. They get to live with their Cadilac plan and you get to die.


Holte Ender said...

I think you are right the scare tactic card was played too early. As I speak The Finance Committee passed it with a 14-9, it's far from over.

That link you gave didn't work.

Here is something else HERE

Dave Splash said...

They definitely played that card too early. If the Dems were smart, they'd pull out that rag of a report from the insurance industry and say, "See THIS is why we need a public option!" They admit they are going to raise rates by 79% or something close to that. That's what they'll admit to, and we all know how much they lie. They are practically daring the Dems to institute some public competition.

If the Dems weren't total pussies (pardon my French) they would use that report to ram a public option through Congress faster than you could say....well...public option.

Demeur said...

Holte I'm honored with the award but I've always felt my job of pointing out the lies and falsehoods of the right is not yet complete until we see the results of the effort.

Dave That sounded like perfect English to me. If Pelosi had some balls Bush would have been impeached and many lives would have been saved.
We can now only hope that there will be a public option.

Holte Ender said...

Well I thought you were well worth a big mention, and I appreciate what you said and what you do.

As far as pointing out the lies and the falsehoods of the right, it's a bit like cleaning the windows of The Empire State Building, a lifetime of work.

BBC said...

I see only a handful of senators and congress critters are visibly out there fighting for a plan to save health care.

Will it come with any after effects other than poverty?

Not that I give a crap. As for so called death panels, no sweat here, death isn't a problem to me, when I get bad enough I'll just blow my brains out, this is after all a right to die state.

Not that I would give a crap if it was or not, the spiritual don't fuss over what monkeys think and fuck politics, anyone that thinks they understand them is delusional.

It didn't rain much here today, just a few sprinkles off and on.

The Blog Fodder said...

Well, I sure hope you get your public option. Without it, not much changes.

Demeur said...

Killing yourself in this state isn't that easy. You have to get a note from your doctor Billy. You know they have to get their cut of the action.

Hey we can make you a bonfire on the beach after your passing and have a wild orgy in your honor. What do you think?

Demeur said...

Fodder I was just wondering how they do it over there and then I remembered you saying most people over there do their own doctoring.