Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why the republicans are like mummys?

Because mummys don't care about you and neither do republicans. In one of his first pieces of legislation to get passed by a vote of 68-30 Al Franken was able to get his ammendment passed. The ammendemnt tacked to the defense bill cuts off funding to contractors that prevent their employees from bringing criminal charges against their employers in cases like assult. Franken gave a statement to the Huffington Post:
"The story came to my attention of Jamie Leigh Jones who, when she was 19, went to Iraq to work for [defense contractor] KBR and she was put in the barracks with 400 men and was sexually harassed," Franken told the Huffington Post in a brief interview shortly after the vote. "She complained. But they didn't do anything about it. She was drugged and gang raped and they locked her up in a shipping container. She tried to sue KBR and they said you have a mandatory arbitration clause in your contract. She tried to fight back and said this is ridiculous. She took it to court and they have been fighting her for three years."

Author's note: I've done a couple of jobs that KBR screwed up on the military bases around here so I know how they work or should I say don't work. So I'm glad to see some accountability here. But stop to think that a company could have the right to make rules that are above the law or should I say violate the law.
All the no votes were republican of course. Imagine that. Republicans support rape and should you get pregnant they'll want you to have the baby then when you do it'll be "your on your own you welfare queen". So next time they're up for re-election next year ask them "senator why do you support rape?"


MRMacrum said...

No better example exists for the dialing back of using private contractors so much than the abuses of money, power, and people that have taken place at the hands of the private sector doing public work in recent years. KBR is the perfect poster child for what is wrong with this system.

But be fair here. Not all Republicans voted no.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

Arbitrators hired by the contractor to judge an employee's grievance. That sounds like GWB logic. I wonder how many arbitrators judged against the crontractor and if they ever worked as arbitrators again.

Randal Graves said...

As long as they don't support rape-rape.

BBC said...

Democrats are just smoother Republicans.

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S.W. Anderson said...

It's mind boggling that anyone could vote against Franken's amendment. But with Republicans, it's a reflex. In any dispute between workers and a business — especially a huge corporation — the workers will always be in the wrong, in their view. And they should always lose.

To Republicans/conservatives, it's exactly that simple. This episode just casts their idiocy in sharper relief than is usually the case.

Tom Harper said...

This story is just one of many examples of how far the Republican Party has deteriorated and why most of them don't deserve to be elected or re-elected.

Unfortunately the public has a short attention span, so it's up to the "media" (riiight) to keep reminding the public. In other words it's up to us bloggers to keep reminding the public.