Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zombie update

Fact: 99.9997% of all college students are unprepared for a large scale zombie disaster
Fact: No federal funding is allocated towards a specialized zombie defense program
Fact: Preparation is the only provenly effective weapon against the undead

Can you honestly say you're ready for a zombie attack?

Join up with the ZDI and start a chapter near you
The Zombie Defense Initiative now has chapters at the following insitutions of higher learning:
ZDI-Boston University
ZDI-University Wisconsin-Madison
ZDI-Fairfield University
ZDI-Central Connecticut State University
ZDI-State University of New York Potsdam
ZDI-State University of New York Binghamton
ZDI-Johns Hopkins University
ZDI-University of Pittsburgh
ZDI-Northeastern University
ZDI-Michigan State
ZDI-Hobart & William Smith

This is an all American initiative. Let the world have it's Olympic games. While their busy doing leg kicks of syncronized swimming we'll be preparing for the hordes of undead.

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