Friday, October 9, 2009

The obligatory Friday beaver

And what would Friday be without the usual beaver here. At the site of Pygalgia his sidekick Sweaterman is busy keeping up the tradition of posting boobies for your viewing pleasure.

I see the spammers have been busy out there trying to sell who knows what. I got news for you ya greedy republican bastards. This is a non monetized site and will always remain as such so if you come here trying to sell something I'll go all Dagwood on you and kick you out the door.


BBC said...

I've posted plenty of boobs on my blogs in the past. But if you can't kiss them in person it's a moot point I guess.

I got news for you ya greedy republican bastards.

Can't say that I know of any poor democrats in office. But they are smoother than the repucks.

Does Obama take his paycheck for running this country even though he is more than rich enough to do so without pay?

As I recall, and I may be wrong, JFK was the last man that didn't take a paycheck from us. Or passed it on to others, or something like that.

Hell, I would run this county for no pay, not that anyone would want me to.

Demeur said...

No I've been getting spammers in the comments as of late and I'll delete every damn one of them. I'd hate to turn on the verify thing.

Obama isn't as rich as you might think. He skipped becoming a rich lawyer to do community organizing thing and you know that doesn't pay much.

MRMacrum said...

I had a rashof spammers a while back. But I think they were Democrats. Something about Organic weed whacking with a revolutionary new wind powered weed whacker. A republican wouldn't be caught dead saying the word "Organic", nevermind taking th etime to write it.

S.W. Anderson said...

A few weeks ago, after publishing a couple of particularly harsh posts about critters in the right-wing menagerie, I got spam bombed. I went from my automatic spam-disposal gizmo dealing with two or three dozen spam comments a day to dealing with hundreds. This came in about four or five waves over a two-week period.

I'm very sure this was the work of bots sicced on Oh!pinion because of the content of those posts, not commercial spam. That's because most of the supposed spam messages contained no valid links. Many contained no intelligible message, just gibberish. Some of those were because they originated in Chinese, Russian, or some other language that uses a different alphabet. But most originated in English.

For your setup, I imagine Google/Blogspot does most of the heavy lifting on spam blocking, but a few still get through.

Someday, I hope, a vigilante group will start locating and dealing with spammers. Nothing too violent. Just something to make Sherman's march through Georgia look like a senior citizens' day hike through a nature preserve. :)

an average patriot said...

I better shut up, good luck on that!

Tom Harper said...

I keep getting spammed on both of my blogs by the same Chinese (I'm guessing) commenter. I've copied the text into Google Translate, but only a few words get translated; not enough to make any sense of it.

Holte Ender said...

I have had some Chinese spam and some threats, I had to moderate. I guess the Asians are republicans.