Monday, December 27, 2010

The audacity of no hope

Wondering what the end is like. No, not the end of life. That's something left for another post. We start out with a bit of education thinking we can conquer the world only to be told that our lack of experience precludes us from the job. Somehow we manage to get that experience and then some along life's journey. But low somewhere along the way the years catch up and we become over experienced. Our usefulness has somehow been erased by a birthdate. Why hire a 50+ worker with 30 years experience when we could hire two 20 somethings at less than half the price or even better outsource the whole operation to China or India?
Like Charlie Brown we fell for it. Lucy held the football (hope) up there and didn't crack a smile. Hope for whom I must ask? Was this for our grandkids if our kids can even afford to get to that point?

Four and a half million people are quietly eating through their life's savings. They can't spend money of frivolous things like Chia pets and Clappers. It makes me wonder if it's better to have been born poor with no hope from the beginning or have to endure the slow loss of the current economy. It also makes me wonder if all of that Christmas spending by those who were working wasn't just some ruse. Come and get it because today it's 50, 60, 75% off our regular store price. It sure was great. All wrapped in a red bow under the tree and it was all mine to do with whatever I wanted. And it will usually land up somewhere in the back of the closet gathering dust until the summer garage sale. And yes the Charlie Browns fell for it one more time. They translated joy into pretty wrapped things. After all the retailers had to make room for the Presidents' Day Sales. And the process continues but will the consummate consumers have the funds to keep the game going? There's the 64.99 dollar question. They're not quite as dumb as they were the last time around. They kept the credit cards tucked into their wallets and used cash. You think maybe they're starting to catch on to the master and slave game going on here? Or should I say indentured servant?

Never before in this nations' history have we witnessed such greed as we see now. In the past we've had to spend to get out of hard economic times. There was the New Deal and WWII. That money was borrowed but it was also paid back by those at the top who had more than enough money to spare. So I just have to ask those at the top of this heap what are you going to do with all your loot? Seems you won this great game of Monopoly and came out with all the hotels and the railroads and the utilities. What are you going to do when nobody can afford these services? What are you going to do when profits keep shrinking? Oh that's right just sell the whole operation to some overseas investment company and walk away. But may I remind them that they are never satisfied with the bounty. Like a drug it's never enough. But may I also remind them that every bubble breaks. What will happen when they have nobody left to sell to? We saw that in the housing market and with the dot com bust.

As I've said once before it's all a matter of balance. Too much power or money or rain or snow makes the whole system out of balance. Maybe what this country needs is a corporate enema. It sure looks bloated to me.


an average patriot said...

Yep Lucy moved the football and millions fell for it. It really sucks but it is worse when you know for a fact it was done on purpose and those that did it could care less of your demise.

I have a friend living up near Canada in Maine. Him and his wife own 150 acres and are totally self sufficient.

No electricity and they hunt for their living. They each weigh over 300 pounds so are good at it.

A few of my family were just visiting them and dressed out a moose and a bear.

They need a new room they build a new one very basically onto their house. They rent out to hunters all year round to earnb a few bucks.

My brother in law learned the value of waking up to stoke the fire. Anyway people like them will sacrifice nothing when the shit his the fan and equally I will be okay.

BBC said...

We had our run, and it was a good one, this was a good time period live through.

And I saw the train wreck coming so I'm set up to deal with it better than most.

What the hell, I had a very relaxing weekend.

BBC said...

No electricity and they hunt for their living. They each weigh over 300 pounds so are good at it.

They damn sure won't be able to do that into their 80's. Fat people fall apart sooner, they had better have some money saved up or plan on dying younger.

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, you're so right about greed running amok and the need for balance.

A big part of the problem is that the biggest corporations and wealthiest families and individuals have amassed so much money and power that they're virtually failure proof, no matter what happens to the rest of us. And on that score, they've gotten things tilted so they no longer need the rest of us the way they did in the earlier decades you mentioned — not as workers, investors or even so much as consumers.

Making matters worse, most of them are utterly disconnected from most Americans and the life most Americans live. That's not just a matter of rubbing elbows. It's also about having no idea what it's like for a family's finances and emotions to be thrown into crisis because someone gets laid off, a car needs expensive repairs or the roof needs replacing.

The "little people" become an abstraction in the mass. Never mind that when the super rich need police or fire protection, safe roads to drive on, dependable electricity, safe food to eat, wars fought and so on, they depend on the little people.

If things get bad enough, with millions more knocked out of decent-paying jobs more or less permanently, and with the rest having virtually no job security, there will be a blowup. People will demand, and elect, someone who will do some serious rebalancing, maybe all the way to socialism.

The top 10 percent need to have someone give them a Dutch uncle talk. They need to be told that in other times and places, when the great mass of people were left to become too desperate for too long, things got out of hand and ended badly — for the very rich and powerful. It can happen here, too.

S.W. Anderson said...

Average patriot, your friends up in Aroostock County are doing what poor and working-class people did in earlier days when the economy went south: return to the land. Usually, it was retreat from the city to the family farm. In some cases, it was head west to start a family farm.

What conservatives don't get, and don't want to get, is that those options aren't available and practical in today's America. Our population is too big, too dependent on a paycheck for survival, and what's more all the land is owned and posted.

When I was a kid in school, we were told how much it would cost to start a farm, and that the cost was so high it was impractical for most people to even think about. That was in the 1950s. It's even more expensive and impractical now. And few kin of farmers can go home to the family farm in bad times the way they once did because the number of family farms is drastically reduced from what it was even 50 years ago.

Government now is the only tool in the shed that's big enough to keep things workable and decent for everyone. For that to happen, more people are going to have to wake up and vote their own interest, without being distracted with scaremongering and wedge issues.

The Blog Fodder said...

The electricity was out here for about 12 hours and I realized how dependent we are on it. Even if we didn't use it in our own homes, EVERYTHING else depends on it. Suddenly I got scared. The poor people in the villages who have no gas, no cars, no nothing, will be the ones to survive when it hits the fan because they still have the 200 year old skills of self sufficiency.
BBC, some days I think you are crazy but I am beginning to think you are just smarter than teh rest of us.

The Blog Fodder said...

Don't worry about voting in people who will correct things. It will not be allowed. Marx may have been more right than we give him credit for. It will be revolution all over again. Except the people with the guns in America will NOT be on your side.

Tom Harper said...

I'm in favor of that corporate enema. But first, make sure the corporate rectum is pointed towards the red states.

RealityZone said...

Our financial system is based on debt, and bubbles.

This has been the greatest consolidation of wealth in the history of man kind. With more consolidating to come.
Who will pay for all this?
Why, we will of course.
All through the guise of austerity.
We create meaningless fiat money out of thin air.
Once Corporate America, and the Multi National Corps starting legislating and running this country.
It started the beginning of the end.
This process started decades ago.
Now we are entering the down ward spiral.
This did not all just happen by accident.
It was/is engineered.
The demise of America is by design.
The International Banksters, and Corps have already moved on.
They will not look back on America.
We have no cheap labor to offer [at least not yet]:-).
Everything now evolves around natural resources, energy, and their transit routes [choke points].
This is why we will have endless wars without borders.
We have always protected our Corporations with our military.
In the history books they call it Manifest Destiny. LOL

BBC said...

The electricity was out here for about 12 hours and I realized how dependent we are on it.

I'm an old country boy, if the grid goes down it's no big deal to me. I have back up power and heat so it's all good for me cuz I don't expect a lot.

My 12 volt LED lights that I make use zilch for energy and there's millions of car batteries around and in this weather who needs a fridge?

I know folks that don't even have one.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... another excellent posting Demeur, really hit the nail on the head ... although most folk's would not even want to read this, because it would make them look at the reality, which can be frightening if you dont act like a wolf instead of a sheep as you were programmed to do. I done a posting a couple year's back on black friday ... which this post reminded me of and you made me bust a gut in laughter here, I dont know whether to thank you or sue you my stomach is so sore from laughing! :) But anywayz it was a lampoon posting of satire concerning these ad's on up to 80% more and off .... frankly ... if you think about it (and I actually seen a tele commercial locally a couple week's ago of over 90% off) this show's you how drastically marked up the price's must be the rest of the year. :)