Friday, December 17, 2010

A message for congress

Sorry for the light posting but life has a way of interfering with such things.

To those who proport to make our laws (or not) I must wonder exactly what drugs they have been taking. They vote against any decent thing while protecting the very top of the heap. At this rate we'll be a third world country in short order. Estimates have it that 8000 more will be hitting the unemployment lines in the state come January. And once again we hear not one peep from the Tea Party. This Christmas gift to the wealthy is after all borrowed money. But here's the truly scary part of it. When the bill starts coming due who do you think gets stuck with it? Keep your eyes pealed as to what rethuglicans do come January when they take the reigns. Raygoon was known as the slasher because he cut many of the safety nets. You ain't seen nothing yet. With a 2% shortfall to Social Security the difference will have to be made up somewhere. Cuts to retirees? Or just kick a few more disabled to the curb because after all they're not really people.
If I could sell my place and head somewhere else I'd be out of here in a New York minute but with yet another foreclosure in the neighborhood and I'm sensing one more after that making a total of 5 when all is said and done, the likelihood of that is slim to none.

Bank fails later as usual.

So to congress I say hang up the bong, extinguish the joint and for God's sake dump the white powder. Sober up and get busy doing the right thing for once.


Jerry Critter said...

We would probably be in better shape if they were actually hitting the bong, toking the joint, and snorting the white powder.

Randal Graves said...

@Jerry, heh. Though I quibble a bit; bongs and joints, yay, but wasn't Wall Street coked out once before? That didn't turn out well.

Instead of whining, why aren't you out doing what needs to be done, what the rich have been doing for eons, and that's spend spend spend in order to get the economy chugging along once again? Damn hippies.

sunshine said...

But on the bright side.. Larry King finally finished his program last night! No more him for awhile. :P

Sorry.. I got nothing. (as usual) :)


BBC said...

Read the news to see how things are going, cut it the way you have to cut it to keep on keeping on because that is all you can do anyway.

I can get by on 4 or 5 hundred bucks a month and still have high speed internut so I guess I'm doing okay.

If I had to I would take on some small jobs, with luck I won't have to cuz I'm loving retirement and doing what I damn well please when I please.

BBC said...

If I could sell my place

Oh, you can sell it all right, just not for what you think is the market value or what you would like for it.

But if you could get enough out of it to pay the mortgage off and get a travel trailer that may be a wise thing to do.

Of course you can just wait until you lose it, there's always that option.

S.W. Anderson said...

Think of it as the effect of 30-plus years of serious corrosion, with little or no countermeasures. Those were three decades where the one Democratic president was in fact a "New Democrat," of DLC Democrat. Which is to say, Clinton was a Republican lite when it came to letting the rich and corporations have their way with the rest of us.

Now, think of a ship getting heavy use for 30 years with no anti-corrosion measures, not even fresh paint. That's the situation of our government, politics, economy and society.

an average patriot said...

In many ways we are a third world country and definitely have a third world economy thanks to our third world Politicians!

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel