Monday, December 13, 2010

How about a nice winter vacation?

A wonderful experience at the Chernoybl nuclear reactor. Take a dip in our heavy water self heated pool and marvel at the glowing material at the bottom. Stroll the grounds and experience flora and fauna unique to planet earth. Let the kids scavenge for souvenirs and as an added bonus they'll won't need a haircut for months to come (thyroid treatments at extra charge).

Our highly trained staff is here to serve your every need.

Our lead towels are the heaviest of any tourist resort.
You'll learn to speak the newest area language of Full Face Respirator but with a little practice you'll be communicating with the staff in no time.

And when you fully enjoy this experience you may be interested in our other worldly tours to Kandahar or Darfur. They're wonderful experiences especially in the springtime. (seasonal rates apply)


tim said...

Gee I wonder if they have senior rates..

The Blog Fodder said...

I did some investigative work in Chernobyl zones 3 and 4 last year. These zones actually got less radiation in many places than Kyiv. All products, especially food products from these zones are tested by very qualified labs and are well below any limits. EU is very involved.
I've been through the Chernobyl museum in Kyiv and it is a terrible reminder of what lying bureaucrats and politicians can do to a people.
There is a fair bit of biological research being done on animals, plants and birds in the 30 mile exclusion zone. Be careful whom you believe. It is not all cheerful as some researchers have reported.

an average patriot said...

I could only laugh listening to this. The brunt of the fallout thanks to the winds has screwed up live elsewhere.

Demeur said...

I know Fodder. Many of the thyroid cancer patients were treated right here in Seattle. I'm surprised at the people who did make it through the accident.
Then again you figure that some of our food is irradiated by natural sources.

S.W. Anderson said...

I wonder if something could be worked out between Russians agencies dealing with Chernobyl and American cruise lines that repeatedly have serious outbreaks of gastroenteritis, or Montezuma's revenge, if you prefer. Maybe radioactive rinses would exterminate the bugs on those ships, and a bit of latent residue would discourage their return.

Randal Graves said...

Right now, there's a capitalist unironically and uncomically considering this very idea.