Sunday, December 5, 2010

News round up or at least they way I see it.

And in today's headline news:

GOP talk temporary extension of Bush tax cuts
They want to extend it so that the top one percent can finish stealing what the bottom 99% have left.
Iran says it can make yellow cake.
I make a mean devils' food cake with fudge icing does that count? Of course this is all about spreading more fear. Sorry senators and MSM the only thing that scares me now is starving to death from your inaction.
Swiss to look at WikiLeaks bank account.
Smart enough to avoid all the worlds' police but not smart enough to have a numbered account. Or do they still do that sort of thing? You know the Swiss won't touch him lest he take his money elsewhere. I'm sure a banker in the Caymans or Luxembourg would just love to have his money. No free toaster opening that account.
Fires in Israel
The Palestinians have been doing it all wrong. Why use expensive weapons when a cheap Bic will do the trick?

Odd no bank fails this week. Is the FDIC on vacation or have they run out of money too?


tim said...

I'm so tired of spelunking, I wish Obama would try some other activity..I don't know maybe...exploring a place where he can get a set of

BBC said...

Fuck politics, live your life as if they didn't exist. I follow them of course but I set my path to live within it all.

I make a mean devils' food cake with fudge icing does that count?

Hand some over and no one gets hurt.

Randal Graves said...

If the Swiss are doing that then OMG Wikileaks is worser than Hitler!

Oso said...

Randal you just set a new record for invocation of Godwin's law LOL!

Possible the Swiss are also funding Bics to Palestine as well as selling cake mix to Iran.

If they didn't have a modern military and a hard to invade mountainous country I'd say we should invade them too.

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS kill the messenger.