Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas and FU

(The assailants were described as well dressed Wall Street banker types armed with foreclosure notices)

The Obama administration and Walgreens on Friday announced a partnership to provide free flu shot vouchers to 350000 uninsured Americans and others with inadequate health benefits.

Only problem with this is that there are 50 million without health care coverage so how is this going to work? A lottery? For the 99ers it's like telling them please drop dead and be quick about it. If you find yourself in that situation here's the reality. You may find yourself with just enough to get by for the next couple of months maybe longer but since you have assets you'll get no help from this government or even charity organizations. Charities are about broke unless you need a toy for Tiny Tim. Forget about Scrooge turning nice in this real life story. Cratchet and family will be living under the overpass, Tim will be buried in a paupers' grave with Bob facing a bill from the state for his burial. The max you can own in assets is $100 before you'll get so much as a crumb of help.
Need medical help? You better find a sympathetic doctor who's willing to reduce his fees and doctors who aren't tied to some HMO or insurance giant are very rare. And if you look closely at this Obama gesture you'll be seeing just a taste of the republican plan that's yet to come. (Spirit of the future?) They'll eliminate Medicare and Medicaid and give out little chits that won't cover anything. I guess what they want is the remainder of your assets to go to the wealthy and Wall Street because that's where they're going now.
I can almost envision their plan now. Need to see a doc for some expensive tests? You'll get a voucher for $100. Only problem is when the test costs $1000. So the vampires will suck the very life blood from your still warm body. What they fail to realize is that the host isn't supposed to die or the sucker fish will have to find a new host. Soon they will have no one left to leach from but themselves. This very thing happens in nature when the population becomes overcrowded. The physically strongest take over and start eating the weaker when food is scarce but in this case those at the top have become obese overbearing pigs. I don't think they'll fair as well this time around.

Almost forgot the bank fails. Six more hit the skids mostly in GA. Oh well what's a few more laid off workers when the bigger banks take over the smaller ones? And beginning next year as a nice merry christmas my bank will be charging me to have MY money in THEIR bank.


an average patriot said...

The future for millions looks pretty bleak and if Republicans have their way it will be bleaker yet. Not a good future!

BBC said...

We can hardly keep expecting our government to keep bailing us out. It's like kids expecting parents to bail them out when the parents are out of money.

Or wise enough to know that they are not going to go anymore into debt just because the kids want more.

I'm not expecting much in health care, never have, I just plan on getting dead.

That picture has been floating around for years but it was a good one to use.

S.W. Anderson said...

Average patriot is right, just as P.T. Barnum was right. Helps explain the GOP's continuing success with the rubes.

Mover over Third World countries, we're coming in.

S.W. Anderson said...

". . . beginning next year as a nice merry christmas my bank will be charging me to have MY money in THEIR bank."

Surely there's a credit union you could switch to where you'd be treated decently.

The Blog Fodder said...

Your title cracks me up. It reminded me of the Farmer's Union Insurance Company. Can you imagine a better job than receptionist for them? "FU. Good morning."

Demeur said...

AAP I agree. Just waiting for the spending cuts from the Feds.

Billy I'd agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that it was the parents who pissed away our future spending the college fund at the casino (Wall Street).

Actually PT Barnum never said that. But yes we could move to South America and it would be a step up. I hear Brazil is doing quite well these days.

Fodder will that become the next cuss word? Farmers' Union you! Oops that would be redundant. Make that Farmers' Union!

The Blog Fodder said...

Burn your house down and move to Canada.

Tom Harper said...

That picture is appalling! Look at that degenerate homeless person, shamelessly sprawled on the sidewalk. We need to crack down on this decrepit behavior. These bums are unsightly, they're offensive to Christmas shoppers and they're ruining the business climate.

Randal Graves said...

I'm going to take a page out of The Book of Reagan. I'm going to plead fear of terrorism, get paid not in insurance coverage but drones, since we seem to have 50 quadrillion of those, then sell the drones to our enemies in return for vast gobs of cash.