Thursday, December 2, 2010

Debt Commission Report

I'll save you the trouble of reading it. A quick break down:
1. Essentially cuts spending for things like emergencies or should I say puts a cap on that spending? Exactly how they can determine the extent of an emergency is the $64K question.
2. They want to raise retirement age to 69, because after all we're all living longer so what the hell. You can still sling a sledge hammer into your late sixties.
3. Change the tax rates. And if you're not watching what's in their right hand while they take it away with the other and then some then you weren't paying attention. They say they're lowering the rates but if you look closely you'll note that the top rates go down while those at the bottom have their rates increase. Then as an added kick in the teeth they eliminate deductions which hits the middle class right between the eyes. (Oops mixed metaphor)
4. Cuts to military spending would include some weapon systems ( until a senator sneaks it back into an appropriations bill). Cuts to support contractors (Humm will they be using Chinese labor to transport supplies then?) The wording of this section is so convoluted that you'd need a translator to figure if there was any actual savings. Just how do you budget for a war and do it on the cheap? Wonder how much they'll cut personnel? Sorry soldier we only have enough in the budget to cover the cheaper artificial leg. If you want the better one you'll have to pay for it yourself.

So once again it's a give away to the wealthy. The soup Nazi has nothing on these guys. It's a simple plan for taking away what few crumbs have left but they better hurry up or there won't be anything left but a skeleton.

But all of this doesn't matter since all they want to do is cut. It leaves no alternative but for states to cut their already cash strapped budgets. And of course they never start at the top when cutting a state budget. Sorry to think it but maybe it will be time to invest in some home protection and I'm not talking about a guard dog either.


Jerry Critter said...

When the government is run by the wealthy and corporations, all you get are benefits for the wealthy and corporation. The only solution is public financed elections. Congress must be responsible to all the people, not just the private money.

harry said...

AKA "The Catfood Commision"

Randal Graves said...

Exactly how they can determine the extent of an emergency is the $64K question.

C'mon, that's easy. Each of us is worth about 78 bucks and some change (depending on how healthy are innards are, cheap hooch and all that) and they're worth a lot more.

Tom Harper said...

They wouldn't dare eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. There'd be massive violent protests that would make the loudest teabagger gathering look like a family picnic. It would dwarf the bloodiest anti-Vietnam war demonstrations.

And forget cutting military spending. Halliburton and Blackwater will make their scrotal grip as tight as it needs to be, in order to keep their congressional errand boys from entertaining such wicked thoughts.

an average patriot said...

It really is disgusting, you know they are not going to cut where it matters but where it hurts the people.
I was talking to Jim the other day and we were discussing this. He wrote a letter to the commander per the Major and he really lambasted the system but it won't matter.

On his shelves alone are 100s of millions of dollars in robots and out dated high tech equipment they can't use.

They cut out the military and put company reps in charge of purchasing. It's really sick! We have to change everything throughout from the bottom up but it will never happen because those benefiting from the corruption are in charge of fixing it.

BBC said...

Ah shucks, all a person has to do is learn how to live well enough on little, they'll cut into me a little but not so much that I can't keep getting by okay.

Do you find trying to understand what they are doing to be helpful too you?

Ah fuck it, I'm going camping tomorrow.

The Blog Fodder said...

The mortgage interest deduction is a curious one. It has ZERO effect on home affordability but does impact the market value of the house. Same as interest rates. How much you can afford for a monthly payment is the only critical amount. Low interest rates, and interest deductions, your money buys a bigger mortgage so housing values go up.