Monday, December 12, 2011

The big tent party

The "big tent" republican party must be getting smaller by the day. Think about it. Who other than their corporate masters haven't they pissed off? Let's look at the list.

African Americans
Latinos and Hispanics
The poor
Children especially poor children
The elderly
The mentally challenged
The disabled
The unemployed
The homeless
Public workers
The active military
Jews unless you're Israeli
Any other religion that doesn't fit into their ever shrinking box
Independents unless you're Joe Lieberman
Any other party not extremely right wing
And yes even many members of their own party who don't tow the line

Didn't see you name/category on the list? You either didn't look hard enough or it means you're part of that 1% everyones' talking about. In which case you wouldn't be reading this blog anyway.

So it makes me wonder if they even want to take back the Oval office. In their position they have really no work to do. It's just a matter of blocking all the bills presented before congress and knowing that nothing will pass. It's down to the point where even a threat of filibuster results in a bill getting scrapped or at best shoved back into the rabbit hole of the process never to see the light of day again. So when you have nothing better to do than shuffle papers all day or maybe a fund raiser or speech then drink with your buddies at night it's no wonder nothing gets done. And they love it that way. If all you had to do to make $172K a year for sitting around saying no all day wouldn't you jump at the chance? Just say no unless it's a tax cut for me.

Will they work all through the Christmas holiday to get a budget bill passed? I seriously doubt it because to do so now would mean having to face the folks back in their home districts and that wouldn't look too good. At best we'll see a delay until after the new year because who wants to take blame for what they are about to do to us?


Randal Graves said...

I'm sick and tired of you hating on well-coiffed white guys, they're people too, dammit.

BBC said...

I'm pretty good at pissing off all types of groups also, but I'm not running for any offices.

It's all fucked, it's going to get more fucked, and us being in office won't change that.

BBC said...

Will they work all through the Christmas holiday to get a budget bill passed?

Like George Carlin, I don't give a fuck.

S.W. Anderson said...

Your list needs work, my friend. Republicans and movement conservatives depend on the mentally challenged to vote against their own interests. Republicans are masters at getting them to do that.

Given what passionate supporters of Israel most American Jews are, beating the drums for war with Iran, as many Republicans like to do, plays well. Then, too, Jewish folks are a strong presence on Wall Street and throughout the financial industry. There's no denying the GOP's fealty to those interests.

House Republicans have carried out a yearlong effort to make abortion harder to obtain than a three-week all-expenses-paid St. Tropez vacation, even for a woman whose life is at stake if she carries her pregnancy to term. Despite some nasty things said about the Catholic Church by a few Southern religious-right types, House Republicans' anti-abortion efforts play well with a good many Catholics.

I think you're right about the other segments of society, though. But Democrats have to make a convincing case there's a strong connection between what rogue Republican governors and congressional Republicans are doing, and the individuals on the GOP presidential ticket and what they will do if elected.

So, let's keep our fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

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Demeur said...

Okay then Randal we'll run Billy for president. We just need to get him a good hair cut.

SW nothing I can add to that comment.

Marken I don't buy anything these days. Don't you know there's a depression on?

Tom Harper said...

"Will they work all through the Christmas holiday to get a budget bill passed?"

Don't laugh, they really are planning to work all through the holidays. They won't be in recess, so that Obama won't be able to make any recess appointments at the end of the year. So I guess this means Congress will be hard at work, even on Christmas and New Years.

What an incredible work ethic. I'm proud of Congress for their tireless dedication.

BBC said...

Tom Harper is pretty good with sarcasm.

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