Saturday, December 3, 2011

I did not have

Sex with that woman.

Sure Herman and bears don't ...

This guy is amazing. You couldn't have written a Hollywood plot line with so many twists and turns. He reminds me of a failed candidate who just doesn't get it. Not only couldn't he handle the first round of harassment claims against him he can't own up to the fact of what happened over a 13 year period. No woman in their right mind would come forward and admit to such a happening if there wasn't some truth to it. 61 phone calls over a two month period is not what I would call a casual relationship. And how his wife can fall for this cock and bull story is beyond belief. Had she been that desperate he could have consulted his wife whom I'm sure would have wanted to know the details of Ms. White's misfortune.

Ah but the icing on the cake
So Mr 999 announces today that he is "suspending" his campaign. But I thought when you suspend something you stop doing it. Not so for the ex Pizza man. Go to his web site and the first thing you'll notice is a large red Donate Button. Perusing through the news tab you'd think it was business as usual. And that's the point I'd like to make. Herman Cain had no intention of ever becoming president. He has and always will be in this for the money. What better way to hawk books and raise more attention to yourself. And with the latest developments I'm sure there'll be another novel coming out probably just before the republican convention. Got to strike while the iron is hot. (oops that didn't have sexual overtones now did it? Okay I'll leave that to your own perverted minds then.)

My opinion of Mr. Cain?
Of all the bosses I've ever had and I've had quite a few over my working career I would rate Mr Cain as third rate. I can't think of someone so inept, so lacking of knowledge of worldly affairs. Exactly how he managed to make it to the head of any corporation is beyond me. I note that most of the business that he once represented are now long gone from my area and a google search turned up only 1 within 50 miles. I'd say that says it all about Cain's business sense when every other major pizza chain has stores in every suburb around here.

So it's bye bye Herman. This isn't a suspension it's an expulsion.


Roger Owen Green said...

and calls at 4:37 a.m. - that's an emotional romance, if not a physical one

MRMacrum said...

He was fun while he lasted.

jadedj said...

So we are rid of the adulterer who had the pole (sic) lead and now the poll leader is, er...oh, yeah, the other Scarlet "A" bozo.

BBC said...

And how his wife can fall for this cock and bull story is beyond belief.

I dare say that she must like his cock.

The Blog Fodder said...

Figured BBC would have that comment. Strange crew, Republicans. Anybody but Romney seems to be the plan.
What I can't figure out is why no one is challenging Obama. The guy has been a disappointment to the whole world, not just to Liberal Americans.