Monday, December 5, 2011

Conflict resolution by force

I'll spare you the silent night song that goes with this. But of course you have the right to remain silent even if they didn't read you your Moranda rights. I almost forgot that I had saved this otherwise I'd have little to report because after all you get the same depressing news as I. But I thought this would be fitting for the season as a juxtaposition to the cheery tunes played on radio and TV. Sorry Mr. announcer a Holly Jolly Christmas isn't going to get me out to buy a Lexis. But peering through the news I came across these little ditties and can only wonder what a Rod Serling nightmare might be like if his Christmas pudding hadn't agreed with him. You know, the contrasting shiny lights and tinsel with the sight of gun shot wounds. But now with the economy in the toilet I know what it feels like to have to endure the endless barrage of sickeningly sweet consumer syrup ladled on the masses knowing that none of that will be this year. No I wouldn't recommend it and I don't like it.

(yes this is an actual cut and paste from yesterday's news cheery isn't it?)
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Bikini baristas arrested for allegedly exposing themselves… (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Port Orchard homeower shoots man who barges into home - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Bothell woman kills herself after trooper pulls her over on… (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Drunks beat man in U District - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Man fights off attacker in McDonald's drive-thru - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
Stabbing kills woman, injures man in North Seattle - (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

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Yes Virginia there is no Santa Claus and if you're smart you'll hide in the closet when daddy finishes off that fifth and mommy burns the Christmas dinner.

Now it's back to watching Bad Santa because George Baily is so yesterday and life isn't wonderful any more.


The Blog Fodder said...

Gruesome headlines. And you wouldn't have to look far to add to the number. Survive the holiday season seems more of a practical wish than Merry Christmas.

S.W. Anderson said...

Ah, if it bleeds it leads.

Somewhat surprisingly given what the economy is like, a few weeks back I saw crime statistics for my community and our state, and violent crime was down. Not that everything is hunky dory, of course.

But if you look through the paper or online, you can find stories about people going out of their way to do kind, decent, generous things too.

Randal Graves said...

Bikinis are gruesome?

Eliot was right about the way the world ends. Ain't gonna be giant crabs roaming the earth.

Four Dinners said...

Apparently, somewhere in America, some chaps strapped their pal to the roof of their car to represent a hunt kill, dressed themselves up as Mooses, heads and all, and drove around hanging moose like out of the car windows smoking and drinking beer.

After several accidents had occured the police arrested them.

No Christmas spirit cops eh?