Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feds Want To Take Your Phone

(Guess who was on the phone in this little smash up?) and no it's not me.

Out of your car that is.

Give me a totally plastered driver over a woman texting on her cell phone while driving any day. I've been run off the road twice for that reason. Drunks you can avoid. I don't even like talking while driving because with the likes of some drivers you can never anticipate what they'll do any more. Another thing is U turns. All well and good if it's 3 am and the loonies have departed the bar but not so good at rush hour when opposing traffic can turn on red. I've experience more than one mexican stand off at the intersection after a perfectly legal right hand turn after stop on red. I always win because I have a bigger car. (SUVs rarely try that maneuver) For the most part I don't make many U turns anyway unless it's in a residential area and I just missed a turn even then I'll look for a parking area rather than make a bat turn.
But real trouble enters the picture when someone has finished up a double shift or second job getting off before sun up. A text message or call home might be the last. Can we put that on their tombstone? LOL...OMG... AH SH*T!

So put down the make up. Quit reading the paper. The coffee can wait. Hang up the phone and just drive!


Tom Harper said...

My sentiments exactly. Aside from the danger, it's f*ckin' infuriating to be stuck behind some asswipe who's going 40 in the left lane while they text, talk, change the CD, eat, drink...

BBC said...

If it wasn't for the union people you wouldn't have been making that $5 an hour and you would have been working 12 hour days six days a week Billy. You seem to forget things like that.

Bullshit, I was working in a union shop in the late 60's. I'm not saying the unions are not needed on this stupid planet, but they are too greedy.

Oh hell, you don't get it and never will, nope.

jadedj said...

With you. Here in Nebraska, the legislature is considering a bill which would ban cell phone usage while driving, entirely. I am absolutely for it.

BTW, it's not just the tired off work cell phone driver that scares the shit out of me...I would include teenagers, and I see many of them doing this every day.

Roger Owen Green said...

I HATE cellphone drivers, and NYS has a law v, it, but it's totally unenforceable. I think it makes it worse!

BBC said...

I don't do texting, and not many people have my phone number anyway.

Everyone knows I have little use for phones so they communicate with me through emails.

BBC said...


Actually, I don't give a fuck who kills who, it helps keep our numbers down, as long as it isn't me that is getting killed.

Bustednuckles said...

1967 Ford 3/4 ton factory High Boy 4x4 and the power steering is gone, riding on 35's.

If you fuck up talking on the phone, I will park on your roof.
After all, the brakes in 1967 on Fords weren't exactly state of the art.Forty something years later has not made a noticeable improvement either.

Shut up and drive you fucking idiots, I am right behind you.
Believe me when I say, I give 'em plenty of room.

Toxic Drums said...

In all my years riding motorbikes I found you could spot someone on the phone half a mile away. There is something mindlessly aimless about their driving. That is not the same as saying everyone on the phone is a prat but the biggest prats on the road are on the phone.

BBC said...


Randal Graves said...