Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let the civil war commence

Iraq bombs kill at least 40 in Baghdad
This situation was a given considering that in 9 years of occupation the U.S. could never bring the different factions together. But fear not. After another couple of years of fighting the bullets will stop. Some agreements will be reached and the country will fall into a somewhat peaceful place. Look no farther than Lebanon to use as an example. We occupied there. Then we left. Fighting broke out but eventually peace came forth. People get tired of having to live in such conditions fearing for their lives on a daily basis. This also reminds us of northern Ireland with years and years of fighting for independence with the occupation of British troops. What happened there? It got so bad that the radical groups started to kill their own. Not trusting loyalty even from those within the organization, families were not safe from their own troops.

In other news
US growth revised down for third quarter - Isn't this just as I've said many times before. Bean counters fudge the numbers (mmmm fuuudge ghhahhhh!) to make things look good then reality sets in but everyone has a short memory about the truth. If a certain bill is not passed the first quarter will look very bad with the bulk of americans (160 million was it?) pulling in the purse strings.

Frankincense production "doomed," scientists warn
Horror of horrors what's next a Myrrh shortage? Say it ain't so.

Danish zoo raises polar bear cub by hand
We'll spend thousands of dollars helping an animal make it in the world but when it comes to our own species we'll just let them die on the street. What's that you say your insurance company won't cover your much needed operation?

New holiday (as if we didn't have enough)
Canadians have come up with a new holiday Marijuanica. Nothing official or government sanctioned mine you, but given all the ads for liquor on TV of late why not? Even creative carols have come from this merriment. So one wonders is this the eat drink and be merry attitude and I know you know how the rest of that phrase goes.

The tease (don't you just hate em?)
And stay tuned for my latest and greatest holiday season special posts. As soon as I dig them out of the attic, get them dusted off and polished they'll be ready for your viewing pleasure. Hey wait a minute that's right I don't have an attic. Well I'll find them where ever they are.


S.W. Anderson said...

Good observation on Iraq. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point Iraqis wind up with another strongman dictator as a means of suppressing factional violence.

Re: the economy. The bad Q3 numbers are the predictable result of Obama spending Nov. 2010 through Sept. 2011 playing the Republicans' budget-cutting and austerity game instead of absolutely insisting on more stimulus and going at them hammer and tongs for obstruction. Appeasement caused expectations of reduced spending/business to ripple through the economy, encouraging state and local budget cutting, businesses to hunker down and not spend or hire, etc.

Bad decisions yield bad results.

Tom Harper said...

I don't care about Frankincense, but Myrrh has a lot of herbal/medicinal uses, so I hope it isn't next.

Happy Marijuanica.

BBC said...

I don't know about Iraq, they've been killing each other for many years but they must breed like rabbits cuz they never run out of each other to kill. Saddam was able to keep them in check for a while but you know how that went down.

A doomed humanity needs lots of booze, you should learn how to make decent beer you can bootleg.

Demeur said...

I don't think it was so much Obama's fault. To get anything done in this country takes the people putting a lot of pressure on congress. They may be corporate whores but they still need our vote to keep the job.

Forgot to look up where Myrrh comes from but I'd bet that somebody wants to corner the market.

I tried making wine once but it didn't turn out very well. And anyway I don't drink now.

BBC said...

I said to bootleg, not for you to drink it.

Randal Graves said...

Dave Thomas's not here, man.